Video: Chester French – ‘Black Girls’

Black Girls

Indie duo Chester French celebrates their love for “Black Girls” in the unabashed video for the first single off their upcoming album. The steamy black-and-white clip, directed by Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini, offers an “unapologetic portrayal” of love between a black and white woman.

“The video’s purpose is to celebrate the female form, the beauty of black women, interracial, and same sex love,” said Carrozzini. “We approached it with simplicity, trying to make the images speak for themselves in the arch of the very simple story told.”

The Harvard grads, who released their 2009 debut Love the Future on Pharrell’s Star Trak label, have collaborated with artists including Janelle Monáe, Rick Ross, and Solange.

View their latest work of art below.

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  1. Realistically

    This is demonic.


    Ja Herd Reply:

    @Realistically, nah, this is some freaky #Ecstasy


    Roy Reply:

    @Realistically, just because you dont understand something or don’t like it does not make it demonic. do you even know what the word means? or what it entails? do you have even a basic knowledge of demons and the occult? or are you just another internet bandwagoner who screams illuminati and satan everytime something scares you? stop going to church and read a book.


    BreadWinnah2K12 Reply:

    @Realistically, It’s called art, sweet-tits. If u don’t feel something from it, it’s probably lousy art to begin with. Now grab me a MD 20/20 and rub my feet.


  2. Yeah

    ok song…everything is about sex nowadays =/


  3. Smart Guy

    Love the Future is EPIC!


  4. dada

    love this! i love black girls too.


  5. Muah

    This was stupid


  6. Ummmm

    Not cute & the song sucks. Bye


  7. LA

    Wasnt feelin it what do ever.


  8. Bree

    This is wack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Kimmy

    From a scale of 1-10 I give this a 2. I didnt like it.


  10. The Princess of Miami

    Uhhhhhh…… The song & the video were both horrible.


  11. Leeah Fresh

    Nope. Nope. Nope.


  12. Fanny

    LOL, why aren’t you guys taking in the message from what the director said? ” to celebrate the female form, the beauty of black women, interracial, and same sex love” that’s the whole point of it quite frankly.


  13. whaah

    that was a little off honestly im glad chester french is back,but what? this video didn’t describe what they are stating, It just was interricial girl on girl action; so to be frank the vid sucks it’s just sex and the song not the greatest either.


  14. CriticalMind

    i think this is just very clever way of marketing something but covered with the race issue in other to promote the wrong product.


  15. coolio

    This gave me a boner…I’m watching it again, but this time with some lotion :)


  16. *********



  17. SunshineWB

    Umm….I understand the message they were trying to deliver through the song but The video was TOO MUCH. Obviously this video wont get played anywhere on tv. I think having this overly sexual video is unintentionally saying that interracial dating is “Rebellious” Something people do for other reasons like more of a shock value. Why not something that could be taken more seriously? For example images of a married interracial couple who genuinely love each other. Showing a white girl and black girl eating each other out is something guys will think its “Hot” and probably want to experience sex with black women but a serious relationship with one wouldnt be a realistic for them.

    Besides all of that, This isnt a song I would like on my ipod. It isnt all that great musically.


    coolio Reply:

    @SunshineWB, Now that you’ve mentioned it, I would like to experiment with a white girl instead of having a serious relationship with her lololololol jkjkjk


  18. Hugh

    Best video ever!


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  20. BreadWinnah2K12

    I wish da white bitch was mo’ fly. Othawise, this some dope shit. Chesta is legit


  21. Gotta Lovuisr19

    Nice video & the song is Ok


  22. Amandeep

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