New Music: Asher Roth f/ Meek Mill – ‘Party Girl’

Party Girl

Just in time for summer, Asher Roth gets back in party mode on his new single “Party Girl” featuring Meek Mill. The 26-year-old rapper links with fellow Pennsylvania MC Meek Mill on the radio-ready record, which was produced by Oren Yoel and samples Eddie Murphy and Rick James’ 1985 hit “Party All the Time.”

Now signed to Def Jam, Asher’s oft-delayed sophomore album Is This Too Orange? is due this fall.

Raise a red cup to this.

[Miss Info]

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  1. Simas

    Not bad.


  2. Mfalme

    Listen to this when drunk…you will love it!


  3. hood

    i like it…the kid can make records he just need to decide is he going to be a stoner or a yuppie…pick a lane


  4. Jay

    I swear I was just listening to his first CD the other day. Glad he’s still at it. This track is nice…I wanna hear more. Lark On My Go-Kart! And is it me or was that Miguel singing the hook on his song His Dream? :)


    TUNED Reply:

    @Jay, it is Miguel lol


  5. Super Man

    it’s Meek Butt Asap Rockey Ass New Wale Sh**** Great Future for Rap Takers..)dk



    he sounds like eminem a little


  7. TheDreamer

    I love this.


  8. Gotta Lovuisr19

    Nice song


  9. LP collecter

    I like Asher Roth and Meek Mill but I’m perplexed on the beat choice. I woulda like to have them do like a PA anthem or something for this being there first track together. The Eddie Murphy ” Party all the Time” sample doesn’t do for me kinda corny and the lyrics are hot. Hope they get together for something a lil harder next time.


  10. Aylin

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