New Music: Gucci Mane f/ Chris Brown and Lil Wayne – ‘Cyeah Cyeah Cyeah Cyeah’

Chris Brown and Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane celebrates 4/20 by dropping his new joint “Cyeah Cyeah Cyeah Cyeah,” featuring Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. The Polow Da Don-produced track will appear on the Brick Squad rapper’s upcoming mixtape I’m Up, due Memorial Day weekend. Blaze it up below.

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  1. Yas

    Chris Brown rapping should be a crime, worst than the ish he pulled back in ’09.


    Trev Reply:

    @Yas, but Chris Brown’s verse was good…it was the best

    anyway, Lil Wayne is such a disappointment…why is he so terrible? He used to be my favorite rapper during the drought mixtapes era in like 07-08…he has nothing to say…every word is “pussy”…i can’t


    dexlovesrih Reply:

    @Yas, lol i cant!!dnt shade brezzy..its funny though


    Bob Reply:

    @Yas, I agree he is pretty bad on the mic what’s even worse is he actually has the best verse on this song smh.


    kam Reply:

    @Yas, chris had the best verse


  2. black minaj

    its kool


  3. Mook

    chris brown kinda went in…his verse started off real strong


  4. freshed

    lol chris brown at 1:26


  5. HungryBitta

    Chris is becoming a beast at this rap shit. Before he knew he could sing he wanted to pursue rap. AT THE BEGINNING…… I was scared lmfao; but now he’s definitely progressing. You can’t hate.


  6. thEbEaUty19

    garbage..typical gucci..his style is old


  7. Skelly

    Chris killed his shiiii tho….
    Wayne fell off on his feature shiii…
    same shiii “pussy, eating pussy, red bones” & a silly quirky line…
    phuck outta here already.
    He’s so generic… drought 3 Wayne is dead.
    I need bird sh*t to hologram that sh*t back…


  8. The Truth

    a pop singer just killed two rappers on a rap song


    :o Reply:

    @The Truth, damn right!


  9. ace?

    chris sound like ace in the beginning of his verse


  10. Hugh




    +4+4+4+4+4=x4000=Z4H 4 TILL DA WORLD BLOW


  12. andrew

    Gucci literally has the same melody every single time.
    and frankly, I’m sorry over this girl-on-girl obsession. YAWN.


  13. Jay

    I’m liking this! CB always goes in! CB is the greatest period. :)


  14. Morgan

    Chris Brown…….no….NOOOOOO


  15. King Size

    Are u serious? All da ppl dats sayin Chris brown was good in this obviously smoked to much on 4/20


  16. :o

    I fuckin love Chris when he raps. hes so good. yall haters just stfu!


  17. Mlg8db5

    Uh huh….celebrating 4:20 cyeah….woohooo, miss that ‘CJ brown’ music for sure, lol.


  18. I Love Rihanna

    Gucci’s pinky finger looks like a penis


  19. Dmoney9106

    lmao pockets on Snooki I wouldve fucked Snooki #TUNECHI


  20. Mentamir

    The beat is nice, but Gucci Mane sounds like Young Jeezy on a bad day. Lil Wayne’s verse was nothing more than I expected it to be and Chris did alright. Overall a mediocre track, from mediocre rappers.


    vladica07 Reply:

    @Mentamir, I agree,it’s just average.Not impressed at all.It sounds like something that has been brought back from 2008. or something like that.


  21. bigtymer

    chris brown killed it, WOW!! R&B singer puts lil wayne & Gucci to shame


  22. tizzo

    I’d sue Wayne just for hoping on my song and not being worth the money I paid the nugga. Yall tripping bout Breezy on this song. He had the coldest verse and he not the coldest rapper but yall know yall heard poo-er. Is he better as a singer? Of course, but he got the basic of rap down path and he even solid lyrically.


  23. Shaheedxp

    Cant they get enough?


  24. Smart Guy

    Wayne is trash….his time is over


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