Video: Pitbull – ‘Back in Time’


Pitbull travels through time in the action-packed video for “Back in Time,” the theme song for Men in Black 3. The Miami rapper suits up as Agent M, placing himself in scenes directly out of the sci-fi comedy starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. He encounters aliens at a Chinese restaurant and rocks the crowd at a fashionable party.

“We’re doing a really, really ambitious video,” said the director. “We’re placing Pitbull directly into the movie in several scenes.”

Pitbull explained the concept for the record, which samples Mickey & Sylvia’s 1950s hit “Love Is Strange.” “We can’t understand the future if we don’t go back in time,” he said. “I think we often times need to go back in time to figure out who we are and how we’re gonna move forward.”

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  1. Holtz

    i really don’t like this song.


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @Holtz, Which one? They all sound the same. He makes horrible music.


  2. ayo

    Love pitbull, but dis song is not too good , release castle made of sand asap


  3. MinajRules2012

    Go Away! your music sucks! All sounds the same.


  4. sadi

    will smith should of been on this


  5. Cool

    The song is cool don’t be jealous.


  6. Oshawhatever

    Not sure who Pibull had to blow to get famous but we do need go back in time to erase this song.


  7. i lov it

    i like it, pit is simple but effective.


  8. classydame

    This song is very unfortunate


  9. James

    It seem like pitbul wear the same outfit in every video…


  10. smash!

    that’s his outfit, he is a character.


  11. i rock

    pi blow the house peps so yeah sucked in lol love pitbull 4ever


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