Melody Thornton Surprises in See-Through Dress on ‘Fashion Police’

Joan Rivers and Melody Thornton

Melody Thornton shocked when she walked the red carpet at the ELLE Women in Music Event in a see-through dress earlier this month. But she delivered an even bigger surprise to the hosts of E!’s “Fashion Police” when she walked onto their set on Friday wearing the same show-stopping number.

The former Pussycat Doll defended her daring dress to Joan Rivers and her fellow fashion critics, who named it the #1 must-see look of the week.

“Say what you will, but throughout the entire night, people would come up to me and tell me how much they loved my boobs,” said Melody. “I felt gratified.”

Take a peek at Melody’s surprise walk-on below.

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  1. CarlosBonegro



  2. Meme

    Wow. Just wow. I hope she gets that contact…dats all


  3. ladyrt23

    my girl does have nice boobs! i aint made at her, she going in to grab as much attention as necessary. check out that mixtape if u haven’t.


  4. kev

    WTF -_-


  5. Treyy

    I’m glad she didn’t shy away from the situation and try to play it off. She’s proud of her body and showed it off. It wasn’t trashy like Lil Kim in that purple…”outift.” It was classy and she looked gorgeous.

    If we were all from Europe, I doubt this would be soooo controversial.


    Oh??? Reply:

    @Treyy, GTFOH Lil’ Kim was trashy but this is classy. Shut the fuck up.


  6. classydame

    y’all need to shut up because you weren’t all trashing Gaga when she had her boobs out or even Madonna for that matter but when Melody does it its all bad now. This has me thinking maybe people are hating on her doing it because she black because when the white girls do it its edgy and artsy but god forbid a black women do it then her career will be over like poor Janet Jackson.


    d Reply:

    @classydame, i agree 100% but her solo career never really jumped off so to speak so this stunt just blew her off the map completely. #dointoomuch


    Esi53 Reply:

    @classydame, Um. It’s not the race. It’s actually the event and presentation. Red carpet events are supposed to be glamorous, and a but PG. This was Melody goin crazy.


    Me Reply:

    @classydame, gaga has talent, she has nothing going for her


    Morgan Reply:

    @classydame, Race has nothing to do with it…and by the way, she’s only HALF Mexican. People expect that type of crazy ish from Gaga and Madonna because they are actually relevant.


    classydame Reply:


    First of all who gives an eff if she’s not fully black and HALF mexican the point is she’s a visible minority! Secondly you say its Okay when your relevant to show your bare breast but when you not its not okay! That makes so much sense to me I think I get it now! *commence Eye Rolling*


  7. Replay

    I fucking love her, she is so beautiful but hell no :( why?


  8. Phoenix_Wright

    do ya thang Mel. People can feel the way the feel but I dig it


  9. JHP

    Wow, she really wants to get some attention? But if she really wanted to do that, she should’ve did it on something that people watch like the BET or VMAs, because I don’t know to many people who watch the elle awards, if that is even a tv broadcasted award show


  10. tizzo

    Half the ppl who didn’t know her know who she is now, even if it is for the wrong reasons. Kim K blew up off a sextape. Do what you feel

    Most the women on here wouldn’t have the balls to do what she did and might even want to do what she did but their insecurities and moral perceptions wouldn’t be able to handle it.


    Arhie Reply:

    @tizzo, spoken like the lowest form of the female species. an attention hungry female who will justify disgracing herself by the amount attention it offered her.

    betraying your principals and indignifying yourself have nothing to do with having balls. you are one shallow bitch if you seriously think that not wearing a see through shirt and sucking dicks on camera reflects some sort of insecurity. only in world this shitty would someone try to defend a woman wearing a scandalous dress to promote herself to compensate for her failures.


  11. Armando

    lmfao that was cute


  12. Joyams

    it liked it the first time but damn it was supposed to be a wear-once-in-a-lifetime dress


  13. Ruey

    wow what a shallow woman.


  14. Joey

    Stupid woman


  15. LaMont

    She really loves the attention.


  16. Slimothy Cricket

    I like how she treated the situation. I mean, the dress is pretty I woulda just found a way to cover the breasts discreetly. Paint the nippies or somethin.


  17. Bret

    There’s a famous singer from denmark I think named Medina and she did some performances in a see thru shirt also


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