Video: Melanie Fiona – ‘Watch Me Work’

Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona explodes with girl power in the video for “Watch Me Work,” a cut off her sophomore album The MF Life. The Grammy-winning songstress shares her message of empowerment, interspersed with clips of famous women kicking ass and taking control of their situations. Ladies stand up.

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    ummmm i was doing back flips in my mind when I saw this headline, but I’m not into the video. I see what it stands for, but I could hardly hear one of my favorite songs from The MF Life because of all the sounds from the clips. eh


  2. Tel

    yessss i love this song.


  3. blackie

    To much going on


    -R Reply:

    @blackie, I was JUST thinking the same damn thing


  4. Redchainsaw

    I love this videos,it’s very different and not expected


  5. Songstress

    I think this is different and this is def one of my faves on the album





  7. Beat Red

    I kinda like this finally a video and song from a female artist that’s positive but sadly this won’t get much play and Melanie won’t get as much recognition she deserves! :((((



    WTF did I just see??lawdd my EYES o_0


  9. SoOdd

    She could’a just kept showing Pam Grier, dmmmm she’s fine. It’s a cool video though. Very original. Nice tribute to women.


  10. Kyle

    Very original and I love the concept. It was meant to be noisy and IN YOUR FACE. I think she got the point across. I think this is just for fun though and not going to be an actual single. Damn I love Melanie Fiona!!!


  11. me

    Just saw her in concert a few weeks ago and she WORKS IT live! She sounds better live and she REALLY loves her fans!Genuine woman.


  12. boemhard

    This is one of my favourite songs of the album, but I’m not sure about the video.. I think it’s nice and something different, but too bad you can’t hear the song that well.


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