Cassie Serves Up Sweet Treats in NYC


Cassie served up some tasty treats to promote her sweet single “King of Hearts.” The Bad Boy singer took over the Coolhaus ice cream truck and handed out free ice cream sandwiches to her fans in New York City on Monday. There was even a special “King of Hearts” flavor on the menu consisting of maple waffle cookies and Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream. Yum!

BeyoncĂ© recently co-signed Cassie’s “King of Hearts” on her website, writing, “I can’t stop listening to this song!” She will perform the single today on “106 & Park,” her first performance on the show since 2006.

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  1. maya

    she looks cute & i like her song too. The flavor sounds tasty as well!


  2. KennyKen

    she is hot


  3. KennyKen

    she’s always cute ^_^


  4. thevoicexo

    im really pushin for her this era she been around for 6 yrs and has been dragged through the mud and still remains to be so nice i know she wants it this time


    gdawg Reply:

    @thevoicexo, yeah this poor girl is just trying to do what she loves/wants and at EVERY turn, peeps are dragging her name through the mud. Its sad but hopefully she comes back out great, many fans are waiting for her :)


  5. A$AP

    good thing that she trains for her future job…^^


  6. Jay

    Love Cassie! Love that song too! I’m glad Casie is still on her grind. And a freaking shout out from Beyonce!? WOW How cool is that! :)


  7. new boy

    That look on that guy’s face ! LOL


  8. Rihanna Navy

    thats where she belongs


  9. quer

    Cassie is look hot


  10. Rita Ora Fan

    I think this song is okay it is catchy though, but I think people want to see Cassie be more than just sexy and fashionable cause that is what we are used too from Cassie.

    I want to see her embody the Laurianne Gibson choreography and do a really good job performing, cause that equals booked venues.

    The only reason people say negative things though is because she lied about having more than just a friendship with Diddy, but then their were nude photos of them online.

    If Cassie can take the focus off her personal life by not just saying I don’t talk about my personal life but really performing her heart and soul into this song live then that is when the negativity on other blogs and media outlets will stop.

    I must say though rap up is nicer to Cassie’s image than other sites.


  11. PopCritic

    it’s such a shame she was soo pretty but selling treats is a much better fit OOPs


  12. Paue



  13. YSL

    Just saw cassies performance on 106 and she still hasnt improved her singing and dancing is still the same smfh


  14. Rita Ora Fan

    @ YSL NO I saw it too she is getting better because there was more dancing, she looked less nervous, and her voice was not as soft as I thought it would be. If she keeps singing and dancing live she will get trained and therefore be improved


  15. TheDreamer

    Looks cute. Love the shoes :)


  16. SLIM

    Love her and the record! Everyone should download it frm iTunes


  17. Hatun

    Olivia Rogers – Your work is truely brahaettking. i love how your pictures are so simple and gorgeous, you really capture the full meaning of love. im 14 years old and all i do every day is look at wedding photos. i really hope one day i can become as good as a photographer as you or only have a fraction of your talent. :) love, Olivia Rogers :)


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