New Music: Brianna Perry – ‘Murder Pictures’ + ‘Theraflu’ Freestyles

Brianna Perry

Brianna Perry flexes her skills on two new freestyles. She turns Iggy Azalea’s “Murda Bizness” into a photo shoot, killing it on camera as she strikes a mean pose. The Florida femcee kicks cold rhymes on Kanye West “Theraflu” aka “Way Too Cold,” rapping, “I’m a good girl, but please respect my innocence despite what you’ve seen on the paparazzi images.”

“Murder Pictures”


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  1. Bobby

    I like Iggy’s version of Murda Business better; oddly enough though I found Murda Business to be similiar to Bri’s “Marilyn Monroe” (which I Love).

    All in all; AZEALIA > all these girls. So tired of all these female rappers talking about how BAD they are and sexy and whatnot over some beats. Only Ms. Banks is keeping it fresh.


    ja hERD Reply:

    @Bobby, that actually how Iggy wanted to sound…Brianna probably demoed her this version


    Cecily Reply:

    @Bobby, You’re right. Azealia is on a whole other level. She is an authentic rap talent. Her wordplay, her flow, her speed.


    SaucyMcblast Reply:

    @Bobby, But Azealia doesn’t make any sense when she raps. To me she’s just another 2Chains with a better flow.


  2. @iJustoriginate

    OMG!! XD #Spazzmania


  3. TheCreat1veOne

    These freestyles are the business! Brianna is seriously ready to slay! Her mixtape Face Off is pure fire too! Can’t wait for her to have super stardom!


    W Reply:

    @TheCreat1veOne, Hi Brianna.


  4. Leeah Fresh

    I like Brianna a lot! But Azealia Banks is my favorite female rapper right now


  5. Oh.

    Murda “Pictures” is … corny. So is Theraflu. Yawn.


  6. Felipe

    I really like her voice and how she raps, but her name, I think isn’t the right one to step into the business


  7. alja fan

    actually rock city wrote this version. iggy was suppose to do this version but Tip changed it to Murder Bizness. Guess Brianna recorded it too. both are dope. PlanetVI


  8. MinajRules2012

    LOL!!! Laughable to say the least. These chicks need to hang it up.


    NewShitBitch Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, Laughable like stupid hoe or laughable like Beez in the trap…which one? You Nicki fans kill me thinking that she gonna be hot forever Newsflash people are starting not to like her LOOK AT HER ALBUM SALES….


    Casey Reply:

    @NewShitBitch, NickiRules2012 is not a nicki fan he’s a lil Kim fan trying to turn people against nicki… Don’t fall into his trap


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @Casey, Bitch Please!! Never been a Kim fan in my life. Queen Minaj til my death!


  9. Sassyandclassy

    My favorite rap chick has done it again SLAYED and guess what Brianna is the youngest of all these hoes and the baddest so fuck Iggy poser ass Azalea ugly ass it’s TeamYrb bitches the young girl fucking the game up r.i.p Nicki Minaj


  10. Cherryfalls

    Iggy that is how you ride a beat. Now imagine if Brianna had “Murda Bizness”.


  11. Kyle

    I hope big things happen for her and I am loving that picture of her. She is beautiful!


  12. Jay

    I personally love Iggy’s version of Murda Bizness. This version to me is ok. Iggy’s lyrics and delivery make more since to the vibe of the track. Click clack bang bang! We in the murda bizness! :)


  13. Short-T

    Im not saying they’re better, Im just saying Rap-up only post 4 female rappers and if anyone wants to they can check out Angel Haze and Raven Sorvino.


    h3xagon Reply:

    @Short-T, yo!! thanks for the intro…..that HAze chick is just something….i just loved her at first sound..


  14. Spartenia

    I like both.


  15. @TheYRB_Nation

    SLAYYED !!!

    I Love Her Flow !

    #TeamYRB #TeamBrianna #YRB


  16. James

    i thought it was brandy for a minute in the picture



    Please stop lying on Iggy and how this was a demo and the song was wrote for her etc i was a fan that she followed long ago and we became friends when she moved to Atl to record she wrote Murda Bizness herself this girl was never supposed to record the song that was all Iggy so before ppl start that lie stop it


  18. PoshPumkin

    Iggy Azalea will be the first female rapper to become a mogul. Watch and see, problem with Nicki Minaj she went pop and POP Nicki got the endorsements not Hip Hop Nicki. Iggy is gonna stay hip hop and have her white fans eat that shit up and she’s gonna be the next Slim Shady. Ya’ll just gonna have to deal lol


    DenimJunkieKidd Reply:

    @PoshPumkin, that made no fucking sense !!!


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