Download: Dawn Richard ‘Armor On’ Lyric Book

Armor On

Calling all Hearts. Due to popular demand, Dawn Richard is giving her fans the lyrics to her entire EP Armor On, which topped the iTunes R&B chart. Learn the words to the 10 tracks including her explosive single “Bombs.” Download the lyric book exclusively from

Download: Armor On Lyric Book

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  1. SupremeBitch

    Just in time for the May 2nd show in DC at the Howard Theatre…now I can sing along with the correct lyrics and not just what I thought see was saying #Hearts


  2. Unknown

    I needed this so bad.


  3. Terrance Prescott Barnes

    …she slays me every time she says, “Press pause on never…” put in work Queen Dawn!


  4. KeepingItFunky

    Yes!!! I been waiting for this!


  5. #HeartsSpeak

    How can I get this on my phone??


  6. Songstress

    YESSSS This is AMAZING !!!!


  7. SabbathKeeper

    This is great! Now, if I could just find a way to get this PDF on my phone.


  8. no



  9. georgia23

    Oh yeah… Needed that.


  10. Audrey Hepburn

    Good for her. :)


  11. meme

    I love Dawn so much she is next up to bat can’t wait to sing along the ACTUAL words lol


  12. JeiSapphire

    E-mail it to yourself, check e-mail through phone then download it from the phone and it should come up


  13. Mary

    She’s a lyrical beast!


  14. Emam Muhammed

    786 In March or April of 2011 when i first saw her as a back up or group performer i realized she had Star Power while falling in love with her more and more everytime i saw her perform or speak. She is truly the Queen of her Hearts may the ALL MIGHTY LORD continue to bless us in realizing our dreams and aspirations…


  15. JoJo

    Is it possible someone who has downloaded can email it to me?


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