Monica Reveals ‘It All Belongs to Me’ Was Originally for R. Kelly

Monica and Brandy reunited for the first time in 14 years on “It All Belongs to Me,” and they have R. Kelly to thank. Before the Rico Love-produced duet found its way into their hands and onto Monica’s album New Life, it originally belonged to the Pied Piper.

“At the time, the record belonged to R. Kelly and I thank Robert from the bottom of my heart because I had to really go to him and ask him, ‘Can I take this song?’” Monica exclusively tells Rap-Up TV. “And he gave it to me. He said, ‘I’ll let you take it.’”

The R&B songstress has always wanted to work with Kellz, whose inspirational song “I Wish” helped her get through a difficult time in her life. “R. Kelly is one of the greatest that ever did it, especially when it comes to lyrics and knowing how to make a song that makes sense to the everyday person because I’m just like them.”

Monica’s label RCA had the idea of putting Brandy on the record and turning it into a empowering anthem for women.

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  1. Bryan A.

    That song fits Better for Brandy & Monica. I think the sing doesn’t fit & wouldn’t sound right for R. kelly. So the song was given to the right people (Monica & the Amazing dope Brandy).


  2. sam

    …so much for them coming up with a great record for Brandy and Monica to reunite with.


  3. Jay

    That’s a cool background story on the song. Monica is a very intelligent and strong woman. :)


  4. musicatedone

    That’s why the damn track was so luke warm. They should have actually sat in the studio and make a custom track suited for a PROPER reunion…not some leftover….smh


  5. Roman Zolanski

    now thinking about it……R.Kelly would have also murdered the track but monica and brandy also did a good job.I would still like to hear R.Kelly twist on it perhaps a Remix


  6. DRB

    Should’ve left it with him…..

    Product Placement Belongs ____.


  7. Wow

    Cool story. Too bad the song is terrible. I’m thinking if it had a better beat it would’ve really slayed!


  8. Twista

    I have to agree – the song is really dull, although the vocal performances are terrific. I wish they had re-teamed on a better track.


  9. Glenda Carr

    @Roman I TOTALLY AGREE! Let’s Hear A KellS Remix!!! Every Remix he does on Someone’s Song He Own’s It! Just like he did what’s he faces’s “Mmotivation” Remix! He Made it Caliente’!!! “Baby Bite the pillow, Baby Bite the Pillow” Hands on my pillow, LoLz! I love me some Robert, he’s Definately the MuSiC President, Feet to Head DOWN!!! #TeamKells (;


  10. DRB

    The lyrics are horrible. That’s the beginning and end of it. Facebook, Macbook, that ish and you expect me to take you seriously?


  11. Sheila

    Interesting. I know if R-ruh kept it, he would’ve put a crazy, smooth spin on it in a way that only he can. But, I know he’s got better he’s holding onto, and probably created better in the studio last night; so, no major loss here.

    There could’ve been a better “comeback” song for Mo & Bran, though.


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