Wiz Khalifa Talks Wedding Plans, Beef with Waka Flocka Flame

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa stopped by “The Angie Martinez Show” to promote his new single “Work Hard Play Hard” on Tuesday. He discussed plans for his “far out” wedding to Amber Rose, whether his fiancée smokes weed, rumored beef with Waka Flocka Flame, and collaborations with Pharrell and Cam’ron on his upcoming album O.N.I.F.C., due August 28.

On his wedding: “It’s gonna be as traditional as possible, but I like that word far out too. It’s gonna be a far out wedding. We can’t do it too normal. There’ll be like a giraffe or something.”

On his rumored beef with Waka Flocka Flame: “I don’t say anything directly to anybody. I could go out and say I never intentionally sent any ill will his way. I don’t believe in rap beefing. I don’t believe in the competitiveness of rapping against each other. I would never entertain anything. He don’t really seem like he into it too much either. … I get so much that one day it might just come out, but not yet though. It would happen if I went completely insane and just forgot about everything that I’ve worked for and trying to achieve. When my bank account get low and I’m not smoking as much…”

On his collaborations on O.N.I.F.C.: “I got production from Pharrell on there, I got a verse from Pharrell too. I got Cam’ron on the album. Curren$y of course, my brother.”

On what Amber Rose thinks of his weed habit: “She’s like, ‘Get it away.’ She doesn’t hate it, but she will not do it. She’ll roll it, she loves how it smells… She just doesn’t want to get high ’cause she don’t want to feel that.”

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  1. @bloglilwaynebr

    THIS -> “When my bank account get low and I’m not smoking as much…”

    Haha, smart n*gga.


  2. CITY




    j.cole is better than wiz


    YesWiz Reply:

    @I LOVE YOU J.COLE, No! J. Cole is different to wiz. J. cole is awesome but he doesn’t have the voice that wiz has and also doesn’t have wiz’s flow. Also he’s jay-z’s bitch haha


    Yeah Reply:

    @YesWiz, are you serious? J Cole shits on wiz in every way, you are a dumb fuck, what are you a teenager? dumbass


    Just a Response Reply:

    @Yeah, J. Cole an Wiz are completely different artists..you can’t compare them.


    Morgan Reply:

    @I LOVE YOU J.COLE, True, but don’t start Wiz’s stans up. Please.


    RealIssh Reply:

    A real J. Cole fan knows not to compare him to Wiz . They don’t make the same kind of music so how could he be better ?


  4. Yummy

    How can he beef back with someone, he can’t rap….too busy getting high! #clown, go back to ur hole


  5. Yeah

    amber doesnt like weed but she smokes cigarrettes…. smh #dumbitch


  6. SoOdd

    I listen to both. Why are ppl always comparing who’s better than who? If you like someone, then support them. If you don’t like someone, then don’t support them. Why you gotta add the negative B$%%% SH#$? Wiz and Cole are both doing their thing right now. If I spend my money, it’ll be on Wiz cause I like that he’s mature and respects the art of Hip Hop. I lost respect for Cole when he put his bizz out there. Wiz is a much cooler kid.


  7. ......

    wiz khalifa is the shit fuck j cole


  8. ......

    wiz is the greatest


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