New Music: Maxine Ashley f/ Lil Wayne – ‘Hot Thing’

Maxine Ashley and Pharrell

Pharrell introduces his i am Other artist Maxine Ashley with her debut single “Hot Thing.” Produced by The Neptunes hitmaker, the rump-shaking anthem features a verse from Lil Wayne. Heat it up below.

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  1. Smart Guy

    she is ok but Wayne is so redundan…she should have got someone like Big Sean on this beat


    ladyrt23 Reply:

    @Smart Guy, i agree…wayne is very redundant! as 4 this being a Neptune track, im shocked. i hear no quality. is this a scratch version??? anyhoo, she needs more work to convince me.


    Ice Reply:

    @Smart Guy, I agree 100%, but for a name like “Smart Guy” you left the t off of redundant.


  2. Jay

    AWFUL SONG wtf 0_o


  3. Ruthy

    Can’t they get somebody else besides the gremlin?


  4. Nick

    Unfortunately this will be a hit….


  5. hmm

    weezy verse was actually good, he need to do more collabs with neptunes


    stunna Reply:

    @hmm, agreed his flow is back or should he not bein lazy even though he half assed it


  6. ollie

    her youtube covers are really good, and she can sing her ass off, but this is not a good representation *shrugs*


  7. P

    Weezy killed this bro.


  8. rackcity

    Wayne murder the track


  9. oicnelis

    I love me some Neptunes!


  10. Brittpie

    Horrid and I usually love anything pharrell touches


  11. tune

    man i gotta admit wayne killed it this time, “this is spaceship love, neptunes on the beat, i got a priceless flow, but i can show you receipts”


  12. TheDreamer

    This is awful.


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