Sophia Grace and Rosie Perform Nicki Minaj’s ‘Starships’ on ‘Ellen’

Rosie and Sophia Grace

Sophia Grace and Rosie won the hearts of millions of Americans including Nicki Minaj with their viral cover of “Super Bass.” Now the adorable British duo is back! Nine-year-old Sophia held down vocals and her cousin Rosie busted out some new moves while performing “Starships” on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

In a recent interview with “Nightline,” Nicki said that she keeps Sophia in mind when recording some of her songs. “We have a running joke. Can Sophia Grace sing that?” she laughed.

Check out their fearless performance below.

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  1. KANDY

    woww sophie grace is so ugly lol especially in that screenshot


    Outspoken Reply:

    @KANDY, Dang a little harsh on the child don’t you think?


    QueenTrinaReturns Reply:

    @KANDY, You’re right they’re ugly, but So is Nicki, so they fit perfect!


    R2D2 Reply:

    @QueenTrinaReturns,i bet you feel real good by insulting a little kid you are a sad sad person whoever you are.


    Smh @ you Reply:

    @R2D2, errmm what goes around comes around.


    W Reply:

    @KANDY, you need Jesus.


  2. Outspoken

    They are so cute! But c’mon these covers are getting old now


  3. Kelvin

    Damn. Really???? who the fuck makes negative comments about kids. She is a talented young girl doing her own thing if she so ugly dont watch her. Sidenote lets see your screenshot bitch


  4. QueenTrinaReturns

    This is getting so OLD now! Did they not get the memo that Nicki is a Flop??


    Mike Reply:

    @QueenTrinaReturns, Nicki’s camp are CLEARLY paying them now.


    MrUnhateable Reply:

    @Mike, Yea! Birdman also bought nickis albums too! Young money also calls every radio station to request starships! Birdman even created 11 million twitter accts to follow her! Ridiculous! * note the sarcasm * u haters are the definition of an idiot.


  5. koh

    …the hell?

    these two could be on dance moms. Enough child exploitation.


  6. Diego

    These lil girls need to cover a new artists this is getting ridiculous


  7. TBH

    Do people still care about these kids. Ellen must be making some money off of these girls.


  8. Hip-Hop Fiend

    People anticipate these little girls covers more than Nicki’s new music


  9. DRB

    I always feel bad for Rosie. She looks like she could dance though.


  10. V

    some of you are sad… hating on kids? REALLY!?!


    daByrd Reply:

    @V, Couldn’t have said it better myself!! ^5!!


  11. Critical Analyst

    Now. I am all for positive energy and things that make me smile, yet let’s all think critically about these young girls.
    Why are they getting so much recognition? To promote Nicki? Would this “praise” be the case if the young girls had an ethnic background? If they had an ethic background, would their talent be perceived as “talent” or non-sense? Is this cute because it’s two British girls or more?

    However you answer the question, just think about it.


  12. Capristo

    the blond girl is really cute, but the other girl is to annoying


  13. PHX

    People using kids to diss Nicki now and even dissing the kids as well? Jesus Christ chill already


  14. MmmHmm



  15. OH yea she back

    YAS Sophia betta sing that chrous, I hope they paying those lil girls lol


  16. whitechocolate

    go head sistas


  17. TheDreamer

    They were funny the first time but why do they keep coming back again?


  18. ThinkBig

    Sofia sounds like she has a cold when she’s singing in this video.


  19. kani k.

    i want to hear them sing stupid hoe.


  20. ME

    Weird double standard .. Its okay to insult adults appearances, but with a child is somehow totally irresponsible..

    I would say bashing ANYONE for their appearance alone is pathetic.. and who cares really.


  21. Ana

    The girl with black hair is fucking hideous. J f s. Ohhh yeah I just went there. Get rid of that stupid little spoiled brat. I hate kids.


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