Video: Lyrica Anderson – ‘Jello’

Lyrica Anderson

Lyrica Anderson shakes what her mama gave her in the vibrant video for “Jello.” Timbaland’s protégé, who is signed to Mosley Music Group/Interscope Records, teases the boys with her goodies as she and her girls stop traffic in the streets. The clip features cameos from Meagan Good and Brandon T. Jackson. Get a taste of her flavor.

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  1. xedos

    really WTF is this


  2. vladica07

    Her voice sounds so childish,like she’s 11 or something.


  3. An0thrnight

    Lol this looks and sounds like a Keri hilson record. #Next


  4. Jstamir

    If Nicki would b singing this sh*t it would be killing the charts now


    zoo_b Reply:

    @Jstamir, Co-sign!!! And this is like a bad milkshake parody..


  5. Rekyie.

    Her other shit is way better than this .


  6. Songstress

    I can’t get passed her voice better yet the damn song…. I can’t lol


  7. Realness over everything

    Is she a singer or Rapper cause im confused? What makes this chick talented???


  8. Ice

    That voice will haunt me in my dreams. Can you say killer chipmunks?


  9. Ross

    Why would any label put money into her?


  10. xoxoLove

    The song is supposed to be fun. Its just a fun song its nothing that serious showing off her vocals. Its a pop club song. You want her vocals youtube her the girl can BLOW!!!


  11. Joey

    fuuuuck is everybody talking about? This joint is fire!! You guys obviously haven’t seen her videos online.. she can BLOW. have several seats!!


  12. alex B.

    I like it very much its fun and different.


  13. Slimothy Cricket

    Umm…. Timbaland. NO. No ma’am.


  14. Sean



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