New Music: Bow Wow – ‘We in da Club’

We in da Club

Bow Wow bags bad bitches and blows cash on “We in da Club,” his flashy new single produced by DJ Mustard (“Rack City”). “This is something for the real ni**as,” says the 25-year-old playboy, whose Cash Money debut Underrated drops June 12.

[HipHop-N-More via HotNewHipHop]

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  1. Hahahalol

    First …it ok…he sound like tyga tho


  2. Yeah

    no, try again


  3. LOL



  4. um

    ………….. and he continues to be irrelevant.


  5. The Killer Truth

    This dude completely jocked Tyga’s Rack City. Bow get your own sound dont u get it. In order for people to believe that Underrated is gonna be your best album your gonna need to prove it first. Your singles all suck so far.


  6. DeidraGetsIshPoppin

    OMG! LOL! Bow Wow seriously song after song is wack af! I use to stan hard for this nigga before he decided to become a “hardcore” rapper.. smh give it up nigga!


  7. 100

    Not bad.. but it seems like this nigga is getting desperate for a hit, sounds like he tryna create a rack city type of joint. But he stay working hard tho.


  8. Morgan

    Funny, considering he’s not a real nigga, nor has he ever has been, nor will he ever be.


  9. Roy

    i been tellin yall this dude has not one creative bone in his body. he always had people around him doing all the work for him. leave him to his own devices he is useless. this guy is the biggest dickrider in the game, and everybody is starting to see that now. he has nothing to contribute to the game. He’s a parrot ass nigga. just do what the last nigga did ass nigga. fucking pathetic.


    Will Reply:

    @Roy, lmao smfh. Dude is a follower instead of a leader. Shit is so sad


  10. Lyfechanges

    um bow…this sounds REALLY similar to “rack city”, i honestly thought it was a freestyle over the rack city beat at first


  11. JLawls



  12. JLawls

    why produce a song for bow wow 90% similar to rack city?


  13. YMCMB

    bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay where my dawgs at…


  14. Briana

    He sounds like YG.


  15. WonderLand19

    I really really like it. DJ Mustad KILLLLLLEd this production, Freakin Dayssss boi! Plus, he’s a Brit too!
    This and the T-pain song are really good. If the rest of the album is sick like these two songs then i might buy the album.
    p.s . Lovin the new graphics Bow.


    Randy Reply:

    @WonderLand19, no one says “i really really like it” when they really really like a song. be honest! if you want him to stop embarrassing himself be honest with him!


  16. ladyrt23

    speechless! its so hard to see his music career fall. looks like Cash Money is no Death Row!!! cause Suge Knight would beat that ass silly behind a track like this. wtf is this???


  17. RP

    I think what is most sad here is the music production. Are you kidding me? I appreciate minimalism, but c’mon now! It’s 7 notes on the keyboard, a pathetic bass drum and 808, and snaps. A 2 year old could’ve made a better track. DJ “Mustard” belongs on a hot dog, not producing hit records. (Rack City is your ONE exception, but you can’t keep using that formula.)


    DEYSHUN Reply:

    @RP, lol


  18. Ice

    Its cool I guess


  19. whitechocolate

    he SHOULD have swagger jacked “im good” by YG, but you to understand that the clapback sound is a movement. it’s not exclusive to tyga, okayyyyyyyyyyyyy


  20. TheDreamer

    Sounds way too much like Rack City.


  21. Hugh

    Cool beat

    Like the song


  22. OBEY

    Sounds like Tyga


  23. kell

    man get tha fuck off bow the beat was produced by the same guy that made the rack city beat so of course they sound the same but u gotta think about if its so wackk y that bitch done came out with two song thats been number one on 106 so obviously you guys comments and hating is irrelevent


  24. hotvoco

    I like this song..y’all some haters..let me see u do something..broke folds always talkin


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