Single Cover: 2 Chainz f/ Drake – ‘No Lie’

No Lie

2 Chainz gets comical on the illustrated cover of “No Lie,” the first single off his Def Jam debut Based on a T.R.U. Story, due August 14. The song will debut tomorrow and go to iTunes on May 8.

“MAY 1st ,,,ur ears will change,” tweeted the former Playaz Circle member.

He and Drake plan to perform the track when they hit the road on the “Club Paradise” tour on May 7.

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  1. Leslie T

    This is going to be a great song, I wish Lil Wayne was on it, No lie


  2. Aliciasahomewrecka

    Smh @ these images. Rappers are uncivilized.


    Ryan Reply:

    @Aliciasahomewrecka, coming from “aliciasahomewrecka”


    Phoenix_Wright Reply:

    @Ryan, TRUE!!! lol


    Aliciasahomewrecka Reply:

    @Ryan, Yes her ways are uncivilized as well.


  3. Ice

    Based on the cover, I predict another line by Drake about dating older women (see “Throw It In The Bag (Remix)”, “Fancy”, “Tony Montana” and countless other tracks where Drake expresses love for older women). Can’t say I disagree with him though, MILFs are the best.


  4. OpD2

    lol i like that cover.


  5. el

    I also like the cover but I don’t ‘ get it ‘



    2 Chainz is definitely ridin around and getting it. He’s gonna blow up.


  7. Sassy

    That cover bothers EVEN me. A bit too much.


  8. TheDreamer

    The song better be good.


  9. DrakeTakeCare

    can’t wait to hear drakes part he’s the best.
    btw the cover is different it’s ok i like her ass though haha LOL


  10. Hugh

    Taken me a few songs, but Im exited for 2 Chainz


  11. 2 tuesday 7

    haven’t heard nada of those part can’t wait to hear the song


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