Video: Willow Smith – ‘Do It Like Me (Rockstar)’

Willow Smith

Willow Smith may only be 11 years old, but she’s still a rock star. The pint-size popstress creates an anthem for all her Warriorettes on “Do It Like Me (Rockstar),” for which a snippet previously leaked. Now she has released the full song along with some visuals from her travels over the past few years.

Willow’s Roc Nation debut Knees and Elbows, which has spawned the singles “Whip My Hair,” “21st Century Girl,” and the Nicki Minaj-assisted “Fireball,” does not currently have a release date.

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  1. Liky

    She still need another bass hittin’ song like Whip My Hair….


  2. Jay

    so over this kid now..shes just weird at this point


  3. Tami

    This is cute . You stupid people she is for the kids not for your age. Why are you checkin for an 11 year old? Lol . Cute song !!!


  4. vroom



  5. relly

    Cute song and video. Better then “Fireball” and “21st Century Girl”


  6. Elise

    This girl has an amazing voice…but i don’tthink she will ever top “Whip my Hair”.


  7. coolio

    pure talent! You kids need to stop listening to Nicki because you forgot what good music sounds like


    MsMickii Reply:

    @coolio, anddd why are you dragging Nicki into this? Her name is no where in the title.. your just a hater


  8. Miles_Edgeworth

    Why is her parents trying so hard to make her so famous?”





  10. davidjohn83

    poor brainwashed baby,


    fa Reply:

    @davidjohn83, will needs to put this kid throw school not hollywood


  11. James

    Too grown…act your age…


  12. Kyle

    I remember when “Whip My Hair” came out I thought she was going to blow up but she’s been struggling to find a hit ever since. Good luck to her.


  13. ck1

    Pretend clubin’ at 11 lmao smh


  14. Sassy

    I love this! Go Willow! No one ever said Shirley Temple, Drew Barrymore, or Dakota Fanning was too young.


    Boomerang! Reply:

    @Sassy, -_-
    GIRL BYE…this has nothing to do with race.


    Sassy Reply:

    @Boomerang!, Did I mention race?


  15. Sassy

    Nicki should listen to this song to know how to make a hip-hop dance song. Nicki’s Starship is just straight POP. Go Willow! I’ll definitely rock to this.


  16. Jordan Gabriel

    liking a 9 year old music makes me feel old and weird


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  18. WhySoSerious?

    I really not feeling this


  19. Haleigh. b



  20. Hugh

    This is much better then 21st and Fireball, and I prefer it to Whip


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  22. Gotta dn Lo2

    bet the childrens like this song even tho I know it an old song Heard it before Keep doing your thing WIll-oooo


  23. Jake

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens with her as she grows up.
    She could be great or…not so much.
    Still too early to tell tho, IMO.


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