Rita Ora Performs ‘R.I.P.’ on ‘Jools Holland’

Rita Ora

After gaining some new fans with her intimate shows in New York, L.A., and Las Vegas last week, Rita Ora traveled back across the pond for her first live television performance. Rocking shredded jeans and sneakers, Jay-Z’s 21-year-old protégée performed her Drake-penned single “R.I.P.” on British chat show “Later with Jools Holland.”

Watch the sexy señorita get warmed up for her upcoming European tour with Coldplay this summer.

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  1. @Lewis_Bennett

    Jools Holland is definitely not a chat show, its a music show


  2. Jordan Gabriel

    poor vocal performance


  3. Billionaire

    See this is what i’m talking about! I cannot get into her! That’s it, after today i’m through! I gave her a chance!


  4. Aliciasahomewrecka

    She can’t sing and that’s a fact. This is waisted advertisement dollars.

    The contestants from American Idol, X-factor and etc… Have better singers. The only thing Ric is trying to sell is looks. People are getting smarter and wise. They do not care for the look anymore. They want talent….Adele, JHud and etc…


    Umbrella&deepbag Reply:

    @Aliciasahomewrecka, It’s sad but people still care about look, that’s the reason why she got hype


    Nina Reply:

    @Aliciasahomewrecka, Lol but J Hud’s beatiful, and so is Adele!


  5. maya

    she can’t sing? Ya’ll need to listen to her “say my name” cover & RIP acoustic.

    Have SEVERAL seats.


  6. Nina

    Her mic volume was quite low… :(


  7. CarlosBonegro

    to all the people hyping her up saying shes a sick singer. HAAAA!
    i said she was only a decent singer from day one but shes still beautiful doe
    shes basically a lighter version of cassie


  8. Shots fired

    She was great. Love how threatened rihanna navy is. I guess they think if they attack her enough, they gonna stop her shine. Lol How we do is blowing up on radio, she has a worldwide concert opening for Coldplay. Rip is gonna go number 1 in the UK; she’s on her way!!!!!


  9. hero

    damn she ugly



    mannnnnn! thizzzzzz beecccch haaaaat! haters kill yo self!


  11. MusicJunkie

    She deff has talent , if you don’t like a artist fine , but don’t lie on their talent . Yes she’s pretty but actually has pipes . Unlike half of the industry today . Including RIHANNA who’s whOle career has been based on her looks , Ckuz we all know she can’t sing . Soo ? ?


  12. Gotta dn Lo2

    the outfit that Rita Ora is wearing It reminded me of the 90′s, Can’t wait for the 3 single of her


  13. x

    she has potential, come on guys P.A.T.I.E.N.C.E….a lot of artists had rocky starts but managed to stay afloat and she didnt give a poor performance for a new artist


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