Video: Rick Ross f/ Wale, Meek Mill, & T-Pain – ‘Bag of Money’

Rick Ross

Rick Ross and his Maybach Music Group signees Wale and Meek Mill are all about their paper in the Colin Tilley-directed video for “Bag of Money” off the Self Made, Vol. 2 compilation, which drops June 26.

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  1. Frank Telli

    I’m 100% sure that this was directed by Colin Tilley or whatever his name is..


  2. jerry

    MMG it the truth……Rick Ross 4eva


  3. Yeah

    damn do they ever talk about other shit beside money/hoes etc…?


    Gotta dn Lo2 Reply:

    @Yeah, same thing i was wondering



    I really feel like making songs about food would suit him more :-/

    Meek Mill always looks like he needs a warm bath and some disinfectant.


  5. CriticalOpinion

    The video looks clean and adventurous, but the topic getting money and getting your girl to count it for you, but why is the money you worked for been burnt at the end of the video is it an hidden message for to unravel?. another thing in the video is meek mill walking towards that throne, sitting infront of a floor filled with fire,which later he stepped into it, another message? , look closely MMG was canned sprayed on the wall, then later you find it in a pyramid on the wall which only shows briefly within a split of a second. whats going on, only God can save us from these last days. too much confusion.


    Thanks Reply:

    @CriticalOpinion, Lmaooooooooooooo


  6. TheDreamer

    Kinda want to hear something different than talking about money, cash and hoes.


  7. Gotta dn Lo2

    Rick R should do a remix to this song


  8. Johnnie

    I understand with grocery shopping to use eco friendly bags and since I don’t have a way to compost trash it just seems difficult for us as a society to change..anything being done on a bigger picture to help this enormous problem?.


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