Chris Brown Makes a Splash at Debut Art Show

Chris Brown

Chris Brown went hard in the paint at his debut art show. Following the launch of his Dum English collectibles toy line, the “Turn Up the Music” singer displayed his street art for the first time at a VIP event at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Breezy and contemporary pop artist Ron English, who designed Chris’ F.A.M.E. album cover, painted a life-size Dum English astronaut sculpture in front of guests including Bow Wow.

“My first art show!” tweeted Chris, who grabbed a 5 a.m. snack at the Sprinkles cupcakes vending machine.

Proceeds from the Dum English toy line will benefit Chris’ Symphonic Love youth foundation. If successful, it will expand into other areas including sneakers.

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  1. marita

    coool breezy


  2. RoRELoaded



    Bitch Reply:

    @RoRELoaded, Why’d you click on the link then? Been a fan, roach, having ass. I’ll see you in stores when Fortune is released. Smh.


  3. Wonderland19

    Niiiiice. I really like Ron English and i think its great that they are working together. That ‘F.A.M.E’ album cover is ridick! Love it. I would have that on my wall. Christopher is super talented and its great his exploring his creativity. I like well rounded people.



  4. Kid gil

    Chris b…………….. Is a super hero


  5. Gotta dn Lo2

    They both look Amazing & Awsome like the album cover of art


  6. hunger games



    HelkNah Reply:

    @hunger games, Hol’ up, having your FIRST toy SELL OUT in a DAY and seeing ONLY YOUR art hanging on walls of a gallery is being a LOSER? When you look around you everyday, the struggle is real, huh? Lol


  7. Jaqueline

    He is now really showing who is a talented artist like Rihanna … as controversial to draw your attention …


  8. someone

    CB, man keep shocking your fans as well as the HATERS with all your talents dude! Congrats and keep pushing forward, haters are going to hate, the only thing they know how to do, cause they sure as hell can’t do shit else!


  9. Viacom

    Shouldn’t he be somewhere beating the shit out of a beautiful girl?

    Oh Wait… he did that already… NEVERMIND! LOL.


    RihannaFAME Reply:

    @Viacom, you are MAD at what he did and judging him for it yet you make JOKES bout it. OH MY GOD YOU CARE SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that makes so much sense………..


  10. Viacom

    Shouldn’t he be somewhere beating the shit out of a beautiful girl?

    Oh Wait… he already did that… NEVERMIND! LOL


    nicole Reply:

    @Viacom, Corny. He does something good & people still got something negative to say.


    YoloSwag Reply:

    @Viacom, WHY was it SO important to talk about SOMEONE ELSE’ past? It took you TWO…. REPEATED times for you to express your corny bullshit. Last time I checked, this post was talking about Chris Brown’s accomplishment. A.FUCKING.SHAME.


  11. maya

    It’s so nice to see him show off his love for art & other talents. He’s in the media for something positive :)


  12. TheDreamer

    Very talented in a wide range of areas.


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  14. vik

    can someone tell this boy to get rid of the mustache…. it makes him look like a 40 yr old man.. eek!


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