Video: Colbie Caillat f/ Common – ‘Favorite Song’

Colbie Caillat and Common

Just in time for summer, Common cozies up to Colbie Caillat under the palm trees in the video for “Favorite Song,” a feel-good single off the pop singer’s latest album All of Me. The Chi-town MC hit the boardwalk of Venice, Calif., for a beach party with skateboarders.

“I had really wanted to work with [Common] for a long time,” Colbie told Suite101. “When we were in the studio, he was so sweet, very smart and focused. He co-wrote the song with me and Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, who also produced the song. It was a great session!”

Warm up with their sunny collaboration.

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  1. kase.

    love that this is on rap-up. granted there is a common feature on the song/video. interested to see how other people comment here. love colbie caillat. great voice, great discography. wasn’t my favorite song on the album but i’m a fan. so!


  2. Obi Texas

    Great collab!


  3. tizzo

    I’m not even against pop music or whatever more specific category this would be put in. Unlike many ppl who can’t stand rap, I’m actually open minded enough to listen to different styles. I have to say, I don’t think the melody on the verse and writing for the verse is strong enough. Watching ppl sing this is almost awkward. It seems like it sounds better when it’s just the audio. I’m still a lil pissed with common over that Drake beef bullshh. Especially when he do shh like this, then beef with drake then go meet with the president. Make yo mind up homey or at least tell us it’s bc you trynna sell records.


  4. David

    Didn´t Common just diss Drake for tryna sing??? And here he is going la la la and singing in his second verse…like 4 real dude? Somebody tell me that whole beef WASNT about him tryna sell…please gtfoh


  5. Gotta dn Lo2

    Awsome song


  6. TheDreamer

    This is very different for Common. Sweet video.


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