New Music: Elle Varner f/ Wale and T-Pain – ‘Refill (Remix)’

Elle Varner

Elle Varner re-ups with the official remix to “Refill” featuring T-Pain and Wale. Teddy P. sings an Auto-Tuned version of McDonald’s jingle “I’m Lovin’ It,” while the MMG MC spits game to his girl over the bluegrass beat produced by Pop Wansel. The original song appears on Elle’s mixtape Conversational Lush and her upcoming MBK/RCA Records debut Perfectly Imperfect.

[Urban Informer]

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  1. Redchainsaw

    This is pretty DOPE!!! ^______^
    Her Moxtape is Amazning!! Can’t wait for Perfectly Imperfect


    Redchainsaw Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, mixtape*


  2. Cranberry

    While the original still knocks and a remix was unneeded, the Wale feature would have sufficed. T-Pain is so…played out.


    Tails Reply:

    @Cranberry, I completely agree. If it would have just been a Wale feature it would have been perfect.


  3. L12

    The Fuckin Man!!!


  4. TheDreamer

    This is a great remix. I don’t think T-Pain should have been on it though, Wale is great.


  5. DRB

    I am never here for the “stamp a rapper on” remix. Everybody needs to take from Mariah’s old book and redo the whole song.


    Phoenix_Wright Reply:

    @DRB, true but Mariah is guilty of the same thing, IE Up Out My Face Remix ft Nicki Minaj, Obsessed Remix ft Gucci Mane


  6. Ice

    Even though I prefer the original, T-Pain MASSACRES this remix.


  7. lexdiamondz

    Love the remix and tpain will never be played out respect an artist for their work and stop comparing them. Music is to be enjoyed and collectively this is a good collabo. Elle song is good point blank.


  8. Sheila

    I don’t need T-Pain. I’m just here for Wale, thanks.


  9. robot

    love it tpain did his thang


  10. P-Harmonic

    Could’ve done without T-Pain. Shes so underrated and not being promoted enough.


  11. MR.Tuesday

    Nice Remix, MAn IT would be better to just Feat Wale on the Remix B/c T-pain gonna Fuck up the Remix No Need to be on there.


  12. MR.Tuesday

    nice Remix It would’ve been great to just feat wale On the remix No need for T-pain to be on there


  13. Pceezy

    ,,,, y’all gonna realize one day tpain not goin anywhere any time soon,,,,, 40 percent of music on radio top 40 still heavy auto tune


  14. ednet

    loved t-pains part!!


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