Monica: Missy Elliott Is All About Reinvention on New Album

Missy Elliott has kept her fans waiting seven years for a new album, but it promises to be worth the wait. The trailblazing rapper has been in the studio with her partner-in-rhyme Timbaland working on the long-awaited follow-up to 2005’s The Cookbook. Rap-Up TV spoke with one of Missy’s best friends, Monica, who shared her excitement over her long-awaited return.

“Missy is missing from music and hip-hop because there’s no one as creative, as dedicated,” said the R&B songstress, who collaborated with Missy on her latest album New Life. “She thinks outside the box, but at the same time, draws you in the box that she’s in. She’s able to make visuals of things that I’ve never even dreamed of. I think hip-hop really needs her right now.”

She’s been lucky enough to hear some of Missy’s latest material. “I’ve heard some new music and all I can tell you is that Missy is at her absolute best when she’s at peace with herself and there’s no pressure,” she shared. “She’s been able to work on her record with a host of real talented people and reinvent herself all over again.”

Is another collaboration on the horizon? “She told me she wanted me to do something on the new record and we never did it,” said Mo, who has a house nearby Missy in Atlanta. “What I do is I just go to the house and we just make music. No time restraints, nobody watching us, nobody coming in between us, we just do it, so I think it will happen.”

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  1. I Am An Asian

    Ok i’m waiting for the duet ;)


  2. Kyle

    I.LOVE.MISSY.AND.MONICA. I really hope we get that new album from Missy this summer. Monica is so well spoken…her new album is in heavy rotation on my Itunes!


  3. Yo

    Missy’s single, “Triple Threat”, is being mastered this week so the single should be dropping very soon


  4. MissyFan

    I hope nicki gets a feature. that shit would be fire!!


  5. Blaze

    O hell yeah I hope she puts out 9thInning 1st then Triple Threat I love my Queen.An love me some Monica


  6. plus your Time & lvUb

    Can’t wait to see what Missy E Mlessia & Monica got in the store


  7. Kam

    Can’t wait for the new missy single. I know it will be hot.


  8. Destined

    Yass we def need Missy in Hip Hop right now and a feature with my girl Mo, would be sick! Can’t wait!


  9. joey

    missy is the queen!


  10. Viivii

    Hey I already knew it was coming soon and Missy never disappoints!! She always has the hottest tracks to hit the airwaves. Monica is always on point with her music too so this is going to b awesome


  11. TheDreamer

    I’m so excited for the Missy and Monica collab and Missy’s new album!


  12. babylicous

    I love monica and i cant wait till missy comes out with a new album!!!I have monica’s new life album she can sing beautiful her voice just goes right through you love it!!!


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