Sean Garrett Collaborates with Dr. Dre, Kelly Rowland, & Justin Bieber

In addition to Brandy, Sean Garrett has been in the studio working on new music for megastars including Dr. Dre, Kelly Rowland, and Justin Bieber. During his interview with Rap-Up TV, he shared his respect for Dre and his contributions to Detox.

“He got a lot of stuff. You just be hoping and praying that you make the album,” said Garrett. “We did a lot of great work, so I’m pretty sure that hopefully I’ll at least have one on there.”

The hitmaker behind Beyoncé’s “Diva” and Chris Brown’s “Run It!” is currently in the studio with Kelly Rowland working on her next album. “Her swag is dope and I’m just so happy to see her get her shot,” he said. “I’ma do what I can to make sure Kelly right.”

He is also cooking up some material for Justin Bieber’s upcoming album Believe. “I love what Justin’s doing. He’s taking control of his career,” explained Sean. “I was blown away by just how talented he is.”

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  1. I Am An Asian

    People please stop with justin biber.


    jerome Reply:

    @I Am An Asian, lol he is in the money team now so he is gonna be on rap site a lot more


  2. Cume

    The Kelly Material better be dope though,and hopefully features Missy Elliott


  3. yeah

    Go KELLY!!!


  4. Mk

    N I was hoping they would. GO KELLY THEY GON SAY MS B4 THEY MENTION YOUR NAME…..FROM TPAIN DARKCHILD TO SEAN GARRET. Proud of ya Kelly. The Lp is shaping up to be a WINNER….JUST GET THE COLLABOS RITE N WE’D SEALED DA DEAL e.g Weezy, busta rhymes, trey songs/usher, STRICTLY NO NEW COMERS!!!!


  5. IV.

    Wow Kelly’s album is going to be dope af


  6. muni

    OMG Kelly I love you, You are DOPE #ThatsAll and AMAZING as well!!!


  7. qposh

    go kelly.. looking forward to that.. yeah it better be dope


  8. ms/mr. defoniely ain't yr

    can’t wait to see what all of them got on their album Best to let it be a surprise & sean Need to keep his MOuth Shut!


  9. TheDreamer

    Excited for Kelly and Dre.


  10. broms

    i wonder if he would ever go for gospel! can totally see him working with a group like mary mary, i love their new album Go Get It, you can listen to the whole thing on


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