Video: R. Kelly f/ DJ Khaled and Ace Hood – ‘It’s On’

Ace Hood, R. Kelly, and DJ Khaled

After catering to the ladies with his smooth jam “Share My Love,” R. Kelly hits the strip club with Ace Hood and DJ Khaled in the video for “It’s On” off his upcoming Black Panties album. Prior to releasing the “new 12 Play,” Kellz will drop Write Me Back, the sequel to 2010’s Love Letter.

[Fake Shore Drive]

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  1. kingrkelly



  2. Yeah

    he is too old for this shit :/


    Get Money B!tch Reply:

    @Yeah, STFU! too old? Now you’re just being a hater for no good reason. R. Kelly still sounds and looks like the king he is. I like this song and i can’t wait til people stop sleeping on Ace Hood.


    James Reply:

    @Yeah, he is no older than Jay Z, so I don’t see what the problem is.



    @Yeah, Too old? Go give a knife a blow job with that bullsh*t. Ageist a**hole.


    tizzo Reply:

    @Yeah, lol never too old to be a freak


    Phoenix_Wright Reply:

    @tizzo, I hear that!


    Rasan Reply:

    @Yeah, Yeah he actually is but the man does not look it!!


    ms/mr. defoniely ain't yr Reply:

    @Yeah, he ain’t too old u hater for whatever reason. Bum


  3. Sheila

    I like it. And Kellz is lookin sexy as hell too. Lawwwddd! *passes out*


  4. da fan

    Go Ace!!!!! underatted but still shittin’ on ‘em.


  5. Rick

    Kellz is a legend! Great song


  6. #leggo

    Damn…can’t stop to hit the replay button. love it


  7. Billionaire

    Love the beat!


  8. lol

    yahhh too old yaa


  9. james

    I hope everybody realizes his talent and the fact that he’s a legend b4 he dies like mj & whitney. King of r&b (last king standing)


  10. VIDEO: R. KELLY F/ DJ KHALED AND ACE HOOD – ‘IT’S ON’ | 97.9 The Box

    [...] SEE VIDEO [...]

  11. TheOne1

    I like it. Love Kellz’ voice. Keep doing ya thing Kellz.


  12. aoh

    r kelly r kelly r kelly wow this my dog lol


  13. SW

    Kells the king of R&B point blank period. And i F*** with Ace. Underatted but F*** all the haters is first album was crazy. All song’s are dope.


  14. ms/mr. defoniely ain't yr

    nice music video


  15. Hugh

    This is dope!


  16. kels

    ace hood shouldn’t be on this and dj khaled especially. j cole or drake would have been a better feature.


  17. von

    kels i agree


  18. Lisa

    Dope song and Kellz is so fione. He’s looking sexier the older he gets. He’s aging like fine wine.


  19. Phoenix_Wright

    real grown even if it has a club vibe, dope


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