Rap-Up TV: Behind the Scenes of Leah LaBelle’s ‘Sexify’ Video

You’ve seen the sexy video. Now Leah LaBelle takes Rap-Up TV behind the scenes of her debut single “Sexify,” with cameos from JoJo and her mentors Pharrell and Jermaine Dupri.

The Seattle songstress was discovered by The Neptunes producer through the Internet. “I connected with Pharrell and J.D. off of the strength of my YouTube videos,” said the former “American Idol” contestant. “Pharrell actually came across my videos two years ago and he felt at one point it was the right time. He reached out to me and showed my video to J.D. and they collectively decided to do the project.”

In addition to the hip-hop hitmakers, she is working closely with L.A. Reid on her I-Am-Other/So So Def/Epic Records debut, due out late summer/early fall. “He’s been an amazing person in my corner and somebody that I’ve learned from,” said Leah.

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  1. maya

    song & video is boring as hell


    kiana Reply:

    @maya, What? I love it. It’s fun and different


    Valerie Reply:

    @maya, I agree.


  2. briann

    i like leah. we need something fresh and new.


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  4. i love it too

    @briann I Agree I Like It her Too And I Love Sexify And I Love The Video S/O To Jo Jo, Pharrell, And Jermaine Dupri In The Video!!!!!!!!! ;-)


  5. i love it too

    *I Meant I Like Her Too



    I hope she makes it. She is a beautiful woman


  7. jeremydante

    in terms of audio, the sound is not a good look. too much echo, makes it difficult to hear. as for leah, i used to love her when she was on idol & then when i found her on youtube & was super juiced. then when she started rocking with keri hilson, seemed like she been on that bitch pussy lips a lil’ too hard- started to look just like her. leah can sing, but i don’t think she has enough star power to sustain in today’s competitive market. not with this song as her single. i just don’t see it for her.


  8. TRP

    I need summer visuals for “So Hot”, the “Sexify” video was quirky just like the song.


  9. Ma'lo rumioty Twietr



  10. mjn

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Ciara the most beautiful and sexy woman in the universe. I almost go insane watching sexy pictures of the goddess. Get down on your knees and worship Ciara guys. Ohhhhhh I love to see the tall goddess towering over little guys.



  11. Terrell collins

    wassup who know meek mill email address


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