New Music: Nelly – ‘Up! (Remix)’


Nelly beats up the remix to LoveRance’s “Up!” The St. Louis rapper delivers derrty rhymes made for the bedroom on the Bay Area banger. If you’re feeling freaky, listen below.

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  1. JussSayin

    This ish sounds unmastered… it sounds very amateurish..very Youtube artist.. smh


  2. Yuck


    Try again Nelly you too old for this bullshit!

    Oh yeah I really like the original song.


  3. Ice

    If Nelly wants to generate buzz, try making songs like the ones that made you famous, not carbon copies of every wack trap rapper in the game. Same goes for Bow Wow.


  4. nicole

    he really thinks he’s going to go big again? Oh.


  5. NellyKing

    y’all can go nd sukk a couple d’s…
    i mean there are lines like wow nelly at his best!


  6. Yummy

    Jus retire homie ur time has expired……


  7. OMG

    Song doesn’t wanna play 4 me


    AJ Reply:

    @OMG, be thankful


  8. Vasu

    I have seen Brokeback Mountain Nelly! It is simply one of the grteeast films I have ever seen in my short 19-year lifetime, and the soundtrack is INCREDIBLE!!! I can’t wait for the new record, your music has changed my life completely, and I love you. Peace!


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