Serena Williams Serves Up Rap Debut

Serena Williams

Serena Williams has picked up a few things from hanging around the likes of Common and Drake. The tennis pro takes it from the court to the studio with her first hip-hop song. TMZ has uncovered one of the tracks that Serena recorded last year at Florida studio B Major Music Group, which is owned by Bryant McKinnie of the Baltimore Ravens.

The 30-year-old athlete delivers cocky rhymes and shouts out her sister Venus on the track. “I ball hard no tennis racket/ I can’t see these haters through my Gucci glasses/ I make hits like batting practice/ They be like Serena, is you really rappin’?” she spits.

Did Serena serve up a winner or should she stick to her day job?

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  1. redchainsaw

    its okay, i don’t think she’s serious…dsounds like she’s just having fun


    vitty Reply:

    @redchainsaw, yeah, exactly, too bad people are going to think she’s serious and bash it for no reason


  2. vitty

    not bad actually lol..not enough to say she’s going be a full fledged rap icon, but it’s a nice cute little fun track


  3. BobbyBorisovvv

    yeah, she’s always on top except when she’s beaten by Tzvetana Pironkova


  4. Nigo_Please

    I think not bad but it is a good starting point…


    yooo Reply:

    shes just doing it for fun u losers…”good starting point” this woman is the best womens player to ever live, im sure shes not gonna switch careers n start rapping..come on get ur head out of ur ass


  5. yo

    I like it for what it is, not a serious track. But if she did rap yall already know that she would have the best ass in the game!


  6. Mentamir

    I didn’t cringe, but it sure isn’t her second calling.


  7. JoshLoveRihanna



  8. V

    It’s wack, but come on guys. We’ve heard worse…


  9. TheDreamer

    It actually isn’t that bad.


  10. BAWSE

    lol its not bad


  11. Itz BarB

    its not that bad sit yo fakeiknoweverythingbouthiphopass down


  12. OMG

    it’s actually quite good! she sounds like lil’ kim!


  13. fee

    Girl stop….. please


  14. jV

    @OMG ….YOU CAN JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! ….your statement was GRAMMATiCLY INCORRECT & your ears are broken’s a beast


    Szo Reply:

    @jV, Kim WAS a beast. Now she just looks like one.


  15. Dwib

    Not bad for a tennis player.


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