Video: Diggy Simmons – ‘Two Up’

Diggy Simmons

Diggy Simmons lives in the moment in the Clifton Bell-directed video for “Two Up,” a cut off his debut album Unexpected Arrival. The 17-year-old hip-hop phenom keeps his hands to the sky in the celebratory video, taking in the view from the stage and partying with his fans. JetSetters up.

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  1. P

    Big ups to Diggy! dope shit


  2. Kayla

    I love the video! I’m so proud of Diggy and how far he’s come. I can see him having a long career. He raps better than some people twice his age.


  3. Yeah



  4. DAWI

    Diggy killed it with the lyrics he isn’t too grown for kids his age and he comes up wih the best analergys in his raps kudos to him I know his dad is very proud!!!!


  5. lyfechanges

    Diggy is really dope…i think people just be afraid to admit they like him because he is young


  6. Daniel

    I usually hate rapper comparisons, but I believe Diggy is headed down a path in his career similar to Drake’s, and this video right here is leagues better than Drake’s videos off his debut TML so props to Diggy.



    He still here? oh.


  8. lost1wons

    you know why older people shouldnt be afraid to admit the like Diggy and his dopeness, it’s becuz this kid’s energy is so positive and upbeat, you cant be afraid to say you dig that! Word!



    The video is great and it has energy in it …
    but I think the song deserves better video! Diggy KILLED it though!



    DIGGY KILLED IT! He is never THAT energetic in his videos except in his concerts so I think it’s great that he brought that kind of energy in to his video! #JETSETTERSUP


  11. !!!

    He’s rhymes are do dope for someone
    that is only 17. This kid is has long career ahead of him.


  12. #YOUDA1

    OMG! I’m so damn obsessed with the song! Two up is like one of my favorite song of UA! I really like what they we’re trying to do with the video. The song is about enjoying life and that’s what the video looks like.. having dope time! DIGGY KILLED THIS SHIT !


  13. -

    I think when it comes down to it, diggy simmons is far better than lil twist.


  14. Drizzy_girl

    One of my favorite songs on the album. Good job diggy keep killin it. :)


  15. BAWSE

    Ahead of his time…good music


  16. DrakeandCiaraFan

    His album flopped- how can u compare him to drake, he has yet to hav a hit single and he’s noones favorite but his dads … I bet this was supposed to be the third single, but since the album flopped they cancelled it and just leaked the video. His face looks fake too… Go back to your yacht daddy’s boy smh


    White Boy Reply:

    @DrakeandCiaraFan, How are you going to hate on someone you don’t even know? LOL. you need to reevaluate your life choices man


  17. GOogle_Me

    irkin , he reminds me of Drake too much !!


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