J. Cole, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, & Justin Bieber Rule KIIS FM’s Wango Tango

J. Cole

Hip-hop reigned supreme at 102.7 KIIS FM’s Wango Tango at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. on Saturday. This year’s star-studded bill featured performances from J. Cole, Big Sean, Diggy Simmons, B.o.B, Wiz Khalifa, K’naan, and Pitbull, who closed the show. Justin Bieber introduced his artist Carly Rae Jepsen and the Barbz were in the house for Nicki Minaj’s set.

During a backstage interview, J. Cole shared his love for fellow Wango performer Maroon 5. “I’m a big fan of their first album [Songs About Jane],” said the Roc Nation rapper, who is currently on tour with Drake. “They’re incredible, period, but their first album is a good memory in my life.”

Check out more red carpet pics, performance shots, and interviews below.

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  1. BOMB

    J.Cole & Diggy, I wonder what happened



    lmao. J.Cole slap him and his big-ass nose!!! boy bieber is oh so predictable, puppet!


  3. Kawame W. Curry

    Omg…..J. Cole!!!!!! He is so fine!!! I know he has a big one. I would slob on it all night! It’s bad because I’m married to my wife, but i love him.


    who? Reply:

    @Kawame W. Curry, J Cole is a lot of things but he is not good looking. Dam, some of you chicks see any random nigga on T.V. and automatically think they are fine. If he wasn’t a rapper you wouldn’t say that.


    SdotB Reply:

    @who?, Kawame is not a chick…he’s a MAN!!


  4. ny

    J. cole…HOT!!


  5. Morgan

    J. Cole is fine as hell!!! But, seriously, he needs to start marketing some Dreamville merchandise..I’m becoming impatient!



  6. wiiiiiz

    Wiz is sooooo fucking hot!!


  7. Music Lover

    J Cole teeth remind me of a screw… all twisted up.





  9. Jayla

    B.OB. a cutie


  10. TonyToneDaChef

    J cole and Big Sean

    Everyone else i didn’t even pay attention to


  11. TheDreamer

    B.o.B looking good.


  12. Ms./Mr. King Ma'lo ze

    everyone Look Nice


  13. musicaddict



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