New Music: Rick Ross f/ Usher – ‘Touch’N You’

Touch'n You

Rick Ross has the streets on lock and now he takes it to the sheets on “Touch’N You,” the first single off his upcoming fifth album God Forgives, I Don’t. Rozay caters to the ladies on the seductive record, produced by Rico Love, which features a smooth and silky hook from Usher.

“It’s a real lyrical album. It’s a real street album,” said Rozay of the follow-up to 2010’s Teflon Don. “But I wanted to most definitely let all the sexy ladies know that I got something for ya’ll. I’ma take care of ya’ll. That’s what the Usher record is.”

Before GFID drops on July 31, the Bawse will release the Self Made, Vol. 2 compilation on June 26.

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  1. Skyy



  2. King Size

    Rozay & Usher Raymond girl we the hottest


  3. Jsongwriter



  4. Shaytan

    I thought “You The Boss” was his 1st single. Guess it flopped like everything Nicki has been jumping on lately. O Well I Liked You The Boss


    Miller234 Reply:

    @Shaytan, first of all the track did sell well, do your math and search before assuming shit. It was only use 4 promo, and on the hot r&b/hip-hop songs it charted #5
    proof–> htt p://en.wikipe u_the_Boss


    tgod Reply:

    @Miller234, dont lie the two singles of rick Ross flopped including one with nicki minaj and he had to go back to the drawing board. It’s ok song but why does he have to depend on others for hooks? Thats why I respect wiz and 50 cent because they don’t do too many features


    Jay Reply:

    @Shaytan, get the fuck outta here.


    Live It Up Reply:

    @Shaytan, Because of Ross health issues and promoting his other artists and expanding his brand the songs he released as singles were then used as Promotional singles which im actually happy about You Da Boss and All My Bitches werent single worthy to me.


  5. #RihannaNAVi

    not feelin it


    Dylan Reply:

    @#RihannaNAVi, R u a girl so stop hatin


    #RihannaNAVi Reply:

    @Dylan, What the fuck?? I just said I don’t like the song and you assume that I’m hating? I’m not a hater I just don’t like the song you fucking retard.


    #RihannaNAVi Reply:

    @Dylan, What the fuck? Just because i don’t like the song you say I’m “hating”?? I’m not hating i just said i don’t like the song you disabled retard


  6. Rap*LovesJesus

    This is good.


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    Nope. No amount of Dollars could get me open for you Rozay. You could not BREATHE on my kitty kat, ugh omg im so disgusted.


    _iamjones Reply:

    @MOTHER, lol


  9. Zack



  10. Christian

    just not good, even Usher couldn’t save it.



    OMG! Rick Ross makes my Cooch so dry!!!!!!!!!!!! Please stop :-(



    @BarbieQ Ho that sounds like a problem your Doctor needa handle!!!!!!!! Rozay the best rapper alive and all that i put that on my MOMMA B!


    Eargazzm Reply:

    A guy who can only rap about money, cars, clothes & hos is considered the best rapper alive? Bitch Please!
    The track is good because Usher hogs the entire spotlight thanks to Ross’ generic verses. It should be the other way around.


  13. Zack



  14. Zack



  15. Zack



  16. Zack



    Thecool Reply:

    @Zack, Yo “I just learned how to spell” face ahh


  17. Hugh

    Like it.

    Cool cover art, nice necklace.


  18. BarbieQ

    @MMGBUBBA Well i guess you just murdered your own mother.


  19. Ice

    Usher, my dude….you killed this.


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  21. joe franco

    AMAZING!!!!! love this


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  23. oo00oo

    ya’ll say anything with usher, rihanna, nicki, chris brown in it is FIRE. nooo this track is not good, its just no, ross should come with another single straight up.
    You da boss> this song


  24. smilez

    im a ross fan but im sorry this shit weak and i dont see it bein a hit i was expectin way more for the first singe off of gfid


  25. Drew

    3rd flop


  26. Bobby



  27. TheDreamer

    I only like Usher’s part on this. Ross’s verses were bad.


  28. pleasure boy

    MixtapeMusic Group jus cant sell records its not in they nature, this is another You The Boss (FLOP)


  29. CriticalMind

    I think this is a good record, it shows theres certain different quality from the mixtape, it shows they took their time on this and it’s good enough.
    Usher was amazing on this, rick ross too was great, what sort of lyrics do you want from rick ross, you want him to say he will kill somebody? jokers!! just enjoy the bloody music.



    fresh track – Usher´s vocals are outstanding!


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  32. Will

    Damn was expecting a way better first single from Ross this go around im just not feeling this even with usher on the hook. Aston Martin Music is still my all time favorite single from Ross i just hope that the next singles he releases are 10 times better than this since God Forgives I Dont is supposed to be his best LP ever.


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  34. dodo

    the beat is overwhelming.


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  38. @lil_chips

    G O O D


  39. Kingtonz Loev

    nice music


  40. Young lucci

    Mmmmmmmmaybach music, #1 street hiphop label in the game!!!! Wale gold album, 5 songs on the radio!!!! Meek mill the hottest mixtape in the street. Rozay most anticipated album of th last decade!!! The Untouchable Maybach Empire!!! Read it and weep haha


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  44. Halflore

    Some of u ar DUMB ass NIGGas nd BITCHEs….what else do U wnt frm the BOSS,it seems its high TYM some off u ned 2 hit d studio nd do Ur own Record#FOOLs
    the track is OK cux both Usher nd Rozay killed it…..STOP HATING CUX HATERZ ARE LIABLE 2 DIE YOUNG!#GBAM


  45. Halflore

    Stop hating…Haterz are liable 2 die Young!!!
    The track is cool cux both Rozay and Usher killed….so U fools shud stp sayin shit!!
    If u can do betta u ned 2 HIt d studio and lex c a betta Version nd stop tlkin trash about the BOSS’s Music


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