New Music: DMX – ‘The Weigh In’ [Mixtape]

The Weigh In

DMX gets back in the ring with his new mixtape The Weigh In, which serves as a predecessor to his upcoming album Undisputed. The Ruff Ryders veteran knocks out 11 tracks, with contributions from Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg (“Shit Don’t Change”) and Tyrese (“That’s My Baby”). Hear him growl.

Download: DMX – The Weigh In

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  1. mia



  2. Kingtonz Loev

    Like that Number 9 Song that Feat tyrese


  3. Holtz

    that is not Big Sean on that number 2 track.


    DEYSHUN Reply:

    @Holtz, It clearly says Big Stan.


  4. kiyah

    love it so much
    i missed it but don’t like thee girl singing in the first song


  5. RoyalTprod

    This was actually really gud…the mix tape had good production and dmx came with not just loud lol but deep lyrics…even the lovey covey song(with tyrese) was really gud…the line when he said is I died my soul wud rest n peace if I had been married to u…Neva expected dmx to say something lk tht. And than the track with snoop dogg…where I will be…where my dogs at…and wring n wrong go hard.those are bangers…fav track is last hope…he really opened up and go emtional.I really loved tht one.


  6. Gwenaelle

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  7. Ash



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