Karmin Performs ‘Brokenhearted’ on ‘Leno’


Karmin beamed some sunshine on late night with their peppy performance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” The colorful couple delivered their catchy single “Brokenhearted” off their Epic Records debut Hello. Amy flexed her rhyming skills as Nick held down the keys. Feel the good vibes.

[The Audio Perv]

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  1. MonkeyMan

    I really cant take these jokers seriously with this MickyMouse music.


  2. Drelynistheway

    I seriously love them. They’re going to grow so fast in the music industry.


  3. georgia23

    I just love these two. They’re being themselves, silly, light and fun. That’s what’s missing from the industry, something organic and just FUN. Stop being so SERIOUS ppl!


  4. yeahyeah



  5. TaurusKidd

    I actually really enjoyed this, I haven’t seen a live performance that actually sounded so close to the actual song I hear on the radio in a while..vocals were on point for sure


  6. Fly Sly

    absolutely adore them


  7. Kingtonz Loev

    Amazing performance


  8. bosinova

    They look hot! loving the style. sounds great!!!


  9. gaddafi beiber

    MickyMouse music lol


  10. J.Cameron

    Love it. I actually enjoyed it.


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