Pharrell Introduces Leah LaBelle, Maxine Ashley, & Buddy in i am OTHER Promo

i am OTHER

Pharrell launches his label i am OTHER with a new roster of talent including Leah LaBelle, Maxine Ashley, and Buddy. The Neptunes hitmaker looks out into the night sky in the cinematic trailer as dramatic music plays in the background.

“I am different. I am weird. You’re right, I don’t fit in your world. You wanna know why? ‘Cause i am OTHER,” says the leader of the new school as he stands beside his artists.

Meet Skateboard P’s protégés.

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  1. Jay

    Sweet! I’m already a Leah fan. I look forward to hearing what his other artist have to offer. And this promo is dope! It had drawn in. I waiting for some aliens to start flying or something. Ha! I Am Other! :)


  2. KT

    Pharrell is terrible at promoting/managing talent. Hope I’m wroing but this will probably be no different.


    TRP Reply:

    @KT, What he did to Teyana was dirty.


    BetterThanYou Reply:

    @TRP, i agree with you!!! He lost somethin great wit Teyana! but who cares! She G.O.O.D now! :)


    Kingtonz Loev Reply:

    @TRP, so True about that. but she is in a Good place now! :)


    xero Reply:

    @TRP, and whats fxxked up is Teyana is his niece!


  3. Kourtney_Bee

    I thought it was a promo for the next part of “Despicable Me” *shrug*


  4. Kingtonz Loev

    Already Been a fan of Leah L and Maxine Ashley Can’t wait to hear from his other artist Buddy puls Can’t wait to hear their music too Leah,Maxine


  5. TheDreamer

    He better manage these artists well.


  6. Pharrell: “I am weird, I don’t fit in your world.” |

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