Video: Mary J. Blige – ‘Any Way You Want It’

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige channels her inner rock goddess on “Any Way You Want It,” her cover of Journey’s 1980s hit. The song appears on the soundtrack to Rock of Ages, the ’80s musical in which she plays gentlemen’s club owner Justice. The star-studded cast includes Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Russell Brand, Julianne Hough, and Alec Baldwin. See Mary take charge in the film, which opens in theaters on June 15.

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  1. Kelvin

    I love her so much she looks so happy during the production of this movie. like she is enjoying all of this. and she is so talented. Go Mary!!!!


  2. Diego

    Mary j doing it big sounding and looking hot u go Mary


  3. Music lover

    I just have one question for Mary…what’s in the new chicken wrap?


    Yeah Reply:

    @Music lover,
    boooooooooo, that shit is dead -_-


    RealIssh Reply:

    @Music lover, “Frisbee chikens – vresh let us . Three cheese is .”


    me Reply:

    @Music lover, HAHAHAHA!


  4. Replay

    She is so fucking borin gtfo wannabe whitney


    Kingtonz Loev Reply:

    @Replay, you think she wanna be WHitney LMAOO


  5. No Love

    Nice !!! Damn .. I just might go see this movie !!


  6. Triniti

    Love Mary, but that movie is gonna be horrible.


  7. Diego

    Movie will do well all y’all negative blacks get bootlegs anyway white folks gonna eat this movie up damn haters


    Ramon Reply:

    @Diego, Even white folks aren’t checkin for this corny as shit. GO, Diego–to HELL with that bullshit.


    Triniti Reply:

    @Diego, I’m so glad you’re looking into a damn crystal ball! Please, tell us the box office numbers of this flop.


  8. Kingtonz Loev

    Would Like to see Mary j bilge do some Acting On a Movie and Nice music Video


  9. TheDreamer

    She’s acting? Should be interesting. She looks terrific.


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