Monica Visits the Zoo with Her Family


Monica took a break from promoting her album New Life and enjoyed some family time with her favorite boys at Jungle Island zoological park in Miami on Tuesday. The R&B songstress, her husband Shannon Brown, and sons Rocko and Romelo got up close with the wildlife. They met a monkey named Smokey, held a red ruffed lemur, and fed the kangaroos.

“This is what you call overcoming your fears,” said Monica as she posed with an albino snake around her neck.

Check out more photos from the family outing below.

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  1. Dave

    Monica is so beautiful, & blessed. A true role model


  2. Kyle

    She seems so much more content with that snake around her neck than her husband, LOL! you can see the terror in his face which I don’t really blame him. Monica is a mother and wife first, and music artist second which I respect her for that 100%. I love her!


  3. key

    FUCK THAT SHIT HELL NO,ahhhhhhhhhhhh hey yo Mo,u strong woman,i will be running away from that snake, everything but not a snakey snake… did u see the size? ma u crazy,anyway much love cant wait for the new album…..luv u


  4. TheDreamer

    She’s brave. Love what she’s wearing, she looks gorgeous.


  5. Marz Moodle

    that Good that her sons have a Role model in their life as a father figure “Stepfather” GO MOMO.


  6. Just Sayin

    Dont Judge A Book By Its Cover… Just Sayin #BeReal


  7. niqua

    I like this couple


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