Usher Makes No Apologies on A$AP Rocky Collaboration

Usher and A$AP Rocky

Usher may be a veteran in the game, but that doesn’t stop him from collaborating with new talent. The R&B superstar explains how he connected with A$AP Rocky on his upcoming album Looking 4 Myself.

The “Goldie” rapper guests on the Pharrell-produced “Hot Thing” off Usher’s seventh album, due June 12.

His goal was to collaborate with someone unexpected. “Before it was Luda, after that it was Jeezy, after that it was A$AP and also Rick Ross,” he told MTV News.

A$AP recorded his verse last month while Usher was performing at his off-Broadway show “Fuerza Bruta.”

“I really wanted to create something that I felt would work in both our worlds, a fun record that would be a little bit irresponsible,” explained Ursh. “You gotta just let it go. No apologies, fuck it.”

In addition to A$AP, other guests on Myself include Rick Ross (“Lemme See”), Pharrell (“Twisted”), and Luke Steele on the title track.

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  1. pian

    Do you usher


  2. maya

    looking forward to it, we could see a different side of ASAP.

    Nothing will beat the confessions album though, 2004 was his prime!!


    RealIssh Reply:

    @maya, Right but he’s innovative so they all sound new & amazing .


  3. freshed

    lol t.i. rubbed off on usher around the 4 minute mark


  4. Jacky

    A Song with Beyoncé Knowles !!!! Come on U: pLEASE!!


    maya Reply:

    @Jacky, He has done a song with Bey, another would be great but she’s working on her tour for atlantic city atm, plus blue is only 4 months so I don’t think she’s checking for features.


  5. it's me letters

    what was your first impression when you heard Justin Bieber sing?
    Usher: Ca-ching!!


  6. Replay

    Usher doing it big again


  7. _iamjones

    he could had got someone else who can actually fit perfect with track


  8. TheDreamer

    I like this interview. I love that he’s got urban artists featuring on the album.


  9. Moodle21KingtonzMar

    Nice interview Lookin forward for the song


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