Video: David Banner f/ Chris Brown – ‘Amazing’

Chris Brown and David Banner

David Banner and Chris Brown get animated in the video for “Amazing.” Neither of the stars actually appear in the stop-animation video. Instead, their heads appear on dolls as they ride around the city in a convertible, picking up some plastic cuties. Breezy even dances with a doll version of his idol Michael Jackson.

“Amazing” can be found on Banner’s album Sex, Drugs and Violence, available May 22. In exchange for the music, he is asking two million people to donate a minimum of $1. With the money, he plans to consistently deliver music, videos, movies, and charitable donations to positively influence urban culture.

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  1. poop

    first. i wanna a cookie.


    gw4g Reply:

    @poop, no how about some poop


    Mr.Mama Inlove with a Woman Reply:

    @poop, LOL go get some cookie then poop


  2. SJS



  3. Moodle21KingtonzMar

    This video Looks like a Talents show day Middle & High school


  4. 2012TheDreamer

    WTF is this? Kinda cute though.


  5. AAA

    its like WTF & aww how cute at the same i mean it is what it is


  6. DumperSwag

    This is one creative ass video. It’s different than that booty poppin shit.


  7. #RihannaNAVi


  8. CBE

    Nice and quite creative wasnst expecting that.


  9. Mark London

    Very interesting!


  10. odd future

    they were too lazy to shoot tha video,honestly this some bullshit in the toilet,anybody who takes this seriously shud be in a mental hospital asap.


  11. Neickha

    He Should of made it a lyric video…


  12. Jay

    Ha! I l


  13. Jay

    Ha! I love this video! The song goes hard and the video is to funny! Ha! :)


  14. WonderLand19

    That was so fun! Loved it :D


  15. Mr.Mama Inlove with a Woman

    It would have been better to put Lyrics instead of this Werido Video WTF


  16. lovely

    i like it it’s cute and different


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