Jay-Z Explains Why Rita Ora Is a Star


Rita Ora has all the makings of a star, according to Jay-Z. The Roc Nation mogul showered praise on his 21-year-old protégé during an interview with VEVO.

“You can see the potential. When she enters the room, it changes,” said Mr. Carter. “And that presence, you can’t duplicate that. Especially at such a young age. It was just infectious to me that she loves this. She’s driven in that way.”

Although she’s been signed to the label for two years, it was only recently that Jay saw her perform live. “The first time I truly saw her on stage was at the Cartier event in New York City,” he said. “To have that sort of stage presence and that sort of energy—the music went off and she still was like, more. She still wanted to go. She jumped off the stage at one point, dancing with the crowd, a great moment.”

The blonde bombshell hails from the small town of Pristina, Kosovo, but grew up in London. “Being from London and all, she has that bit of Brit rock, you know, punk rock feeling to her which I love.”

Rita samples the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Party and Bullshit” on her debut U.S. single “How We Do (Party).” “To have a new artist pay homage to what’s come before them is great,” said Hov. “I think that’s an amazing thing. You know, Biggie being my guy and from Brooklyn.”

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  1. maya



  2. Meliza H.

    Kosovo is proud of its young little daughter taking over the world and making people happy with her music and energy. Gotta love her x


  3. Susan

    That was very nice. How we do is a catchy song, and I believe Rita has all the tools to make it big.


  4. Twista

    Looks like Jay is officially through with his former “Little Miss Sunshine,” Rihanna. Fortunately RiRi has got her weight up to the point where she may no longer need his co-sign. Interesting to see how this unfolds…


    Kahari Reply:

    @Twista, What’s interesting enough is to say what makes people think that Jay is done with Rihanna as an artist? She’s still signed under his management company ROC Nation. These stans and bloggers are the main ones trying to stir up a rivalry between the two ladies. There’s more than enough room for both artist to spread their wings and soar. The only thing they had in common was the blonde hair and red lipstick, other than that, vocally, nothing.


    Reagan Reply:

    @Kahari, 100000x this team this and that and bloggers trying to get hits on their websites. Im a fan of both, and had somebody on twitter telling me Im not a real rihanna fan. But I like Rita, and nobody gonna tell me who to like.


    Sheistheone&only Reply:

    @Kahari, Yes vocally nothing in common Rihanna sing like a bad GOAT in live!
    Rita is not so bad…
    If there is something in common is they are 2 bitches who will do anything to be FAMOUS!


    #RihannaNAVi Reply:

    @Sheistheone&only, What are you talking about? Rita Ora is a shit singer. She only has one tone to her voice. No high notes. No low notes. Just one flat note she holds throughout her songs.


    True blood Reply:

    @#RihannaNAVi, you sound stupid. Im suprised after that horrible snl performance ANY navy would talk singing LOL Rita is a fantastic singer, but rn wouldnt know good singing and real TALENT, listening to rihanna horrible voice for 6 years. Rita sings circles around that goat.


    maya Reply:

    @#RihannaNAVi, Rita has live performances where she hits high notes. Your fave can’t sing worth shit & that’s shy u mad. You will deal!


    Fa Reply:

    @Kahari, the only person who has something in common with Rihanna vocally and stylewise is a transexual goat with a soar throat!


    V Reply:

    @Twista, Your point is invalid. The fact that Jay-Z has made an appearance on Rihanna’s last album doesn’t support that Jay is through w/ Rihanna…



    @Kahari OMG THANK U! Exactly! Shes still managed by Roc Nation they just bought her a TRUCK in january -_- I’m sure there is some distance in their once close relationship from her working with Chris Brown but who knows and whos gives a damn.

    And @twista u have point RIhanna is pretty big now she doesnt really need anyones cosign


    Sheistheone&only Reply:


    That’s the fact!Without Jay Rihanna is nothing and she knows it


  6. Sheistheone&only




    commanderofthedancefloor Reply:

    @Sheistheone&only, you know jayz didnt create any of rihannas songs or albums or her image!!

    so her and jayz spliting does nothing and besides that she wasnt managed by jayz himself they had someone assigned to her and he caters to her so everything you said makes no sense!!


  7. flawda

    Ya’ll need to stop being so damn petty. Why do ya’ll make this assumption that more than one artist can’t exist at the same time. Sony Records has Beyonce, Adele, and numerous other big name female acts, guess what, they coexists.

    What makes ya’ll think Jay-z won’t expand Roc Nation to a bunch of artists. They have all type of females from Rihanna, Shakira, Rita, Melanie Fiona,etc.

    Jay-z is thinking business and money, he ain’t thinking simple minded dumb stuff like ”girl fights” or stans of each artist.


  8. Shots fired

    Its all about Rita in 2012- Just hoping How we do goes top 10 or 20, cause Roc the life will be a HUGE hit.


  9. Jake

    Rita Ora is mad dope


  10. TheDreamer

    Love Jay. He looked good in this video. LOL.
    As for Rita, I hope she gets her shine, she’s talented and has good vocals.


  11. Kyle

    I think she’ll get herself a hit but whenever I see that “How We Do (Party)” video I can’t help but think of Rihanna. Her voice though will take her far. It’s unique but soulful and she can clearly carry a tune.


  12. Mr.Mama Inlove with a Woman

    nice of jay-z saying that & for damn sure that Rita Ora Boyfriend Rob Kardashain is Happy for her.


  13. Linda

    I’m so proud that an Albanian woman has conquered the world. Glad we have Rita!


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  15. shetoo...

    yeah rihanna tracks was at 2007-2010 good but yet is just shit , shes annoying me with her slut image and she think the whole world love her, im sure rita oras album gonna be huge , just see it your all fucking haters


  16. shyster

    Rita Ora is awful – a music industry project that has fallen flat on it’s face. Please please please no more of this whorish wannabe. Get her off our screens as soon as possible. Next act please!


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