Keri Hilson Works Up a Sweat at AIDS Walk

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson dedicated her Sunday to a good cause. The “Pretty Girl Rock” singer rose bright and early for the 27th Annual AIDS Walk New York in Central Park. The curly-haired blonde put on her workout gear and trekked across the city with 50,000 participants including fellow celebrities Nick Jonas, Adrienne Bailon, and Wendy Williams. “It’s cool to have friends join in support HIV/AIDS research & prevention!” tweeted Miss Keri.

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  1. jay

    omg! she looks horrible! yuk, that hair #fail

    looks like ronald mcdonald


    Jay-Me Reply:

    @jay, I was just gonna come on here and say that. It’s not a coincidence we had the same screen name for so long. The fuck happened to her?:-O! She used to be a top 5 chick, now I’d give her one…out of ten!>_


    white hos love BBC Reply:

    @jay, no backshots? wdf is this world comin to


  2. mal

    not cute.


  3. thelonelyboner//tumblr

    she looks like a mess


  4. Mari3

    Jay, mal & thelonelyboner//tumblr >one person


  5. Ice

    Dat pussy lookin scrumptious



    oh lawd, someone please get ms.hilson


  7. Teyah

    LOL her hair looks like a mess! And why hasn’t she got rid of the blonde yet! I like her hairstyle from the “In a Perfect World” era better


  8. Tonya

    Keri baby u need to lose some weight and get rid of that hairstyle and colour!!! Still sexy though..


  9. lasetyr tonz

    LMFAO her hair Looks like a sh*t mess


  10. Sean

    She looked amazing in person! Y’all can’t sit behind the computers and talk noise but I saw her minus the camera and she looked good!


  11. Keri Hilson Works Up a Sweat at AIDS Walk | Vehem Magazine

    [...] source [...]

  12. WonderLand19

    Congrats! Walking for a really good charity :)


  13. Audrey Hepburn

    Oh my heavens! That’s where my adorable poodle went. I missed her so much. Come back sweetie. LOL. :)


  14. Nina

    After reading all these nasty comments on her appearance, it’s no wonder so many celebs end up in rehab.


  15. Tyler

    Half these ppl can’t even afford Keri tank top. Half these ppl eat ramen noodles on a daily basis but they talkin bout a celebrity who make more than they ever will.


    OI Reply:

    @Tyler, I don’t see how anyone financial situation is relevant to any of this. you should have said half the people commenting are out of shape and struggle to be found desireable by anyone of the opposite sex. yet they sit behind their computer like bums talking shit about a sex symbol who is exercise to support a good cause, not flaunting herself on the red carpet..


  16. Randy

    No one can tell me nothing about keri hilson cause she writes her own shit. a true artist. and she has a very high IQ. what funny is most of yall wont amount to anything and nor do you contribute anything to your own communities letalone alone art and culture.


  17. TheDreamer

    I don’t like this hairstyle but good for her for supporting all these charities.


  18. Hugh

    Keri is hot! But she needs to go back to her old hairstyle


  19. LaMont

    Keri is sexy as hell,I’m lovin’ her new hair style.She would look sexy with a bald



    she looks beautiful.


  21. Me

    fukin crusty da clown


  22. Static

    Look like her fake ass got breast implants. The hair is a mess!


  23. Glamgirlzoe12

    All y’all is some hating mofos she human all u haters just mad she’s a boss, I seen her in person and she looked great I actually want that hair due so all u haters keep hatin Ms.keri baby


  24. yooooooooo

    Lovin misskerii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited for the third album since she’s taking her time and writing real shit :)
    lovin’ the hair


  25. Jessie

    i cant beleive the comments that i see ya’ll should be ashamed of ya’ll selves, she is a talented, beautiful,and gifted women. ya’ll sound so stupid. her hair fine, some of u probably look worst than she does.and half of u shouldn’t be talken about the way she looks. luv u miss keri hilson keep doing ur thing.


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