Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder Perform at Billboard Music Awards

Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder

The Billboard Music Awards brought some soul to Sin City on Sunday. Alicia Keys joined her idol Stevie Wonder on stage for a medley of hits including “Higher Ground,” “Overjoyed,” and “Superstitious,” before presenting the Billboard Icon Award to him.

“He inspired me to reach for higher places on the piano and within myself,” said the R&B songstress. “Thank you for bringing our world so much wonder, thank you for bringing us so much joy, thank you for bringing us so much soul.”

Wonder, who recently turned 62, asked his duet partner to sing “Empire State of Mind” to him for his birthday and called for peace and love. “We can change the world by being as one,” he said.


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  1. L.b

    Hmmmm…it seems d relationship btw dem is awesome


  2. Nits

    She looks amazing and sounded even better….AK is officially back!!!can’t wait for the new albums


  3. MH

    My favorite performance of the night.


  4. susan

    Was it my imagination, but I felt uncomfortable with Stevie Wonder flirting with Alicia Keys, with her husband standing right there. I know I wasn’t the only one who peep him flirting, they were talking about it on the radio this morning.


    Sonya Reply:

    @susan, I saw no flirting from Stevie. He seems like a really good person who enjoys being a little goofy. Nothing wrong with that. Anyway these two were so good. With most people who performed lipsyncing, it was really nice to hear these two really sing. That’s what you call real music. My favorite performance of the night and Alicia looked and sang so beautiful.


  5. Roseanne

    Two dynamic and talented singers, musicians Alicia Keys and Stevie Wonder. I love and adore them both.

    Alicia Keys looked beautiful by the way. She was so overjoyed and Stevie was thrilled to have her their to give him the award.


  6. Trinti

    They should really consider a joint album project.


  7. Hip-Hop Fiend

    Alicia Keys has a beautiful face, She has the thickest ass, An amazing voice, She plays the piano, and shes from NY… She is the perfect wifey


  8. Karen

    I think Stevie was happier with Alicia presenting the award to him than the actual receiving of the award. He seems like he truly likes her and she seems to feel the same. Loved his speech and how he gave Alicia some spotlight with Empire State of Mind.


  9. Hugh



  10. TheDreamer

    Love this performance. Stevie truly deserves the award and he seems like a fun person to hang out with. Alicia looked beautiful as well.


  11. Navy21IRnanz




    [...] coming off the high of performing with Stevie Wonder at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, an excited Alicia teased her fifth album. “Right now I’m [...]

  13. Aliza

    Did she Win any thing I just looked at the picture I did not read it I have no time to read any more so yeah just sayin that. She Rocks!!!!! Does she have any albums!!??????


    Sonya Reply:

    @Aliza, Alicia presented Stevie with the Icon Award. Although she didn’t win anything, Alicia is always a winner. New album coming hopefully within a few months. I imagine it’s a little harder to concentrate on an album with a little cutie to give your attention to. Much love to Ms Keys and her little one.


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