Ludacris Readies First ‘Ludaversal’ Single


Ludacris is ready to rattle your speakers once again. The Atlanta rapper is set to release “Jingalin’” as the first single off his upcoming album Ludaversal, the follow-up to 2010’s Battle of the Sexes. The bass-heavy banger was produced by hitmaking duo Da Internz (“Birthday Cake,” “Dance (A$$)”).

“This Ludaversal album is a statement,” said Da Internz’ Tuo, while Kosine added, “This album is crazy. We’re just happy to have a bunch of joints on there. We got a record that I think Chicago’s gonna be real happy when they hear it ’cause it’s like the Chicago sound, a little bit of that juke thang. And then of course we got some of that hood, that ‘A$$’ bass that you love. Da Internz swag is definitely on there.”

Look for the song to hit iTunes by the end of this month.

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  1. BOMB



  2. Blaze

    Thats whats up Luda never disappoints an always delivers on his albums.Can’t wait to hear it


    r3iopj Reply:

    @Blaze, that’s not true.


    rus Reply:

    @r3iopj, uh….yea it is true. he’s one of the most consistent rappers in the game. dude makes hits effortlessly. Battle of the Sexes wasnt his best work but it still was entertaining


  3. Polo

    It will be fire !


  4. Serena

    can’t wait to jiggle on this song


  5. Will

    Bounce Bounce Bounce ! Can’t wait !
    I hop the beat is excellent


  6. Ice

    LL Cool J sample please.


    Fab Reply:

    @Ice, How do you know that ? which song from LL does he sample ?


    Ice Reply:

    @Fab, Jingling Baby. It was a wild guess, but I turned out to be right. Dope sample.


  7. Hugh


    Luda aint playing


  8. Navy21IRnanz

    let see what he got


  9. TheDreamer

    YES!! Hope its a banger.


  10. Tugel

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