Frank Ocean Debuts New Song [Video]

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean’s Def Jam debut is still awaiting a release date, but the Odd Future crooner gives us a taste of what’s in store. Seated at the keyboard in a dimly-lit room, the New Orleans native poured his heart out while debuting a new song.

“Right hand to God/ Left hand holding the jewels/ And I’m swearing up and down/ I’m cursing out the moon,” he sings on the soulful tune.

Watch the intimate performance below and check out the lyrics on his Tumblr page.

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  1. Oh

    Release another single/album already damn..


  2. -Hoars

    I love him!!!


  3. Miles

    Real Music #OFWGKTA


  4. IndiGo

    i want this song! release it frank, please!


  5. nichelle

    why does he do these things to my heart…why frank why….


  6. Hip-Hop Fiend

    This nigga makes The Weeknd sound like shit. Frank Ocean is the young Marvin Gaye.


  7. CarlosBonegro

    ofwgkta WE OUT’CHEA


  8. Redchainsaw

    I honestly forgot about him


    csdklk Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, seriously. his promo game


    Brandy= DA TRUTH Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, LOOOOOOOL!!!


  9. Ice

    Love Frank, but his lyrics are so random sometimes, lol


  10. Blaze

    I love his lyrical content he’s a hell of a writer an his voice is just as good.Can’t wait to get a Album


  11. lexx_janay

    his voice is soooo beautiful! I need an album ASAP!


  12. illerbrown

    That’s a number 1 single in the charts with 2 grammys 1 MTV and 1 BET awards


  13. Love?

    *bangs on door* shut that shit up!!! lol i had to… but i really like him! nice song!


  14. whitechocolate

    he needs to sing the national anthem with a live band like marvin at a lakers game. thhanks youuuuuuuuuuu BYe.


  15. Navy21IRnanz

    great song But can’t wait to hear more of him


  16. TheDreamer

    Great song.


  17. coolio

    Damn Can’t stop listening to this!!!!! Such a wonderful voice!!!!!


  18. Tmg

    Daamn .. He is just one of the best , look at this video , It’s obvious that ! , His voice .. he have a real talent.. Love That Wanna Hear more .


  19. AmelKw

    Can’t wait CHANNEL ORANGE


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