Justin Bieber Performs ‘Boyfriend’ on ‘Ellen’

Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres

After his win and performance at this weekend’s Billboard Music Awards, Justin Bieber hit up “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday. Wearing a letterman jacket with “Boyfriend” on the back, he showed off some fancy footwork while performing his Mike Posner-produced single. The recent high school graduate was even given a graduation ceremony by Ellen.

Bieber has announced dates for his North American “Believe” tour, kicking off September 29 in Glendale, Arizona.

Due June 19, his album Believe features appearances from Nicki Minaj, Drake, Big Sean, and Ludacris. Also look out for the remix to “Boyfriend” with 2 Chainz and Mac Miller.

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  1. Sharp Tongue

    #Next he was doing too much and can’t dance for shit.


    Wooly Reply:

    @Sharp Tongue, they look like sisters too


    Rhaylynn Reply:

    @Sharp Tongue, I Bet He Dances Better Than Yuhh..


  2. AZ13

    “And you’re gonna need suspenders, honestly, your pants have to be pulled up at some point.” lol Ellen is crazy.


  3. KayeV

    wow , twins !!


  4. hmm

    this probably his best vocal performance of this song


  5. BOA BOA... ROCK



    degv Reply:

    @BOA BOA… ROCK, and thats supposed to be funny? you def got no taste!


  6. antx

    oh look 2 lezbians


    BOBY D Reply:

    @antx, BWAHHHHHHh i CANTT!!! :””’(


  7. Jayson King

    Look at these thirsty chicks… smdh


  8. sca

    ssooo funny i always said justin looked just like ellen i guess she knows it too.


  9. Jay

    you are some mean ass people…anyway..he did great


  10. gaddafi beiber



  11. Diego

    His soft ass trying to be black he is mad lame


  12. CATNIP

    he did great! and he can dance his little white ass off… ! yum


  13. me

    SISTERS UNITE!!!!! awww…


    KayeV Reply:

    @me, sisters unite !! aawww thats cracked me up :-D


    Mr.Navy21 luvee Reply:

    @me, LOL


  14. Ellen DeGeneres has a Boyfriend? | idesiremusic.com/blog

    [...] SOURCE [...]

  15. Mr.Navy21 luvee

    Nice performance but they do looks like Twins sister or brother LOL


  16. TheDreamer

    Performance was okay. But his vocals were still bad.


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