Video: Jay Sean f/ Pitbull – ‘I’m All Yours’

I'm All Yours

Jay Sean makes a play for song of the summer with the Gil Green-directed video for “I’m All Yours,” the first single off his fourth album Worth It All. The lavish visuals, shot in Miami, feature fast cars, exotic women, and an appearance from Mr. 305 himself, Pitbull. The Cash Money Millionaire eyes a hottie on the beach and before she knows it, they’re partying on the YMCMB yacht with Birdman and making out on a speed boat. Now that’s the life.

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  1. Summer Smash!

    I love ittttttttttttttttttt

    totally a world wide smash..

    congrats to Jay and Pitbull for always bringing quality to the music industry..

    Love the video so much♥


  2. Billionaire

    Love it! Definitely feeling this one!


  3. Mr Nice Watch

    Pitbull looks so tacky with the green screening. hate when green screening is screwed up in videos.


  4. Nes

    Looks like it was shot with a GoPro… they need to step it up.


  5. JLawls

    Rubbish pop song


  6. Frankie

    Dont mean to hate but its a decent song but no lie i got bored after 1 minute, Jays voice just dont hold my attention


  7. R.D.

    It’s sad to see Jay Sean stuck in YMCMB, and collaborating with people like Pitbull -__- He should come back to the UK, and make the music that he used to sing in the past…


    da fan Reply:

    @R.D., you mean DEGRADE


  8. KayeV

    i had to stop after 35 seconds . heard all that before .. #lame ! vid looks cheap as well . come on


  9. YMCMB

    #1 …nuff said


  10. Navy21IR luvee



  11. GlenJ

    Not feeling the way they shot this, I know this is really on the scene. But some of the scenes look like they were shot in a studio with a green screen backdrop.

    Director should’ve stepped up.


  12. 77

    this video sucks

    i m so dissapoint! this song is so hoooooooot!
    it deserved a better video!

    come on!


  13. anurag drake



  14. keraleestewart

    IKR. I can feel the vibez


  15. simran

    omg i love your song jay plz reply on twitter i reallly like u and my mate puvan is a big fan of urs toooo hope to see u in leeds sometime again i didnt meet u only my dad whilst i was stuck inside babysitting :( XXXXXX;)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>3


  16. damien

    what car is jay driving in this video ??????


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