Video: Omarion f/ Rick Ross – ‘Let’s Talk’

Rick Ross and Omarion

Maybach Music introduces its newest member Omarion in the video for “Let’s Talk” featuring Rick Ross. Maybach O cavorts with scantily-clad women, shows off his slick moves, and rolls with the Bawse in the clip. He even teaches French Montana a move or two.

The former B2K member is working on an EP and is featured on MMG’s Self Made, Vol. 2 compilation, due June 26.

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  1. shesthatgirl

    Those dances are killing me…I’m trying to take this seriously but I cant


    Wooly Reply:

    @shesthatgirl, Ross gon mess around and pass out in that tight as leather jacket


    Billionaire Reply:

    @Wooly, ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. YOYO

    Now Rozay ‘lets talk’
    Why Omarion?
    I get u wanna diversify etc…..
    But how boout the guys u already got
    Work on making Wale as big as he shoould be
    Work on making Meeks debut a classic street album
    Work on Stalley!!!
    Heck, Work on yourself

    But, imma need you to do better with them dance moves Maybach O. If u gonna really do this, u better do it big!!


  3. relly

    I commend Omarion for coming back on a major label. I know people count him out easily but he has two #1 albums and his album with Bow Wow went Gold too. He’s not losing.


  4. thelonelyboner//tumblr

    this song has potential,, those dance moves tho

    hey needs to grow his hair back


  5. tom

    big tune, looking forward to the ep, easy listening, rozay has signed a great rnb signer..


  6. Will

    MMG was a great move for Omarion. Rick Ross is very loyal to his artists thats why Wale and Meek Mill are winning right now. Id trust Rick Ross over any label Boss especially Diddy. I see great things happening now for Omarions career with the right promo and singles he will do fine.


  7. Ice

    Decent track, even though it sounds a bit dated (I’m getting a 2005 vibe from it).


  8. OpD2

    it have a old school sound to it,i like it.


  9. Triniti


    If I can easily eat a meal off the top of your head, then no, sir, you are not the one I should leave with.


  10. Jordan

    The beginning of the chorus sounds like a pretty ricky song


  11. Roc Me Out

    I like it.. its not as bad as I thought it would’ve been lol Maybach O has potential but he needs to step his dance game up if he’s going to do it.. remember how good he was dancing in the ‘Touch’ video


  12. Yup

    I guess the naked women, who I feel have nothing to do with the song, are thrown in there for him to be taken seriously. Fail.


  13. coolio

    Omarion needs to step his dancing game up…song is dope though :D


  14. AAA

    I like the song it’s cool


  15. whitechocolate

    modern dance has shifted towards a different direction. there’s a comedic undertone that has become really entertaining. those who don’t understand something always hate upon arrival. since the beginning of time. ask jesus christ.


  16. Navy21IRnanz luvee

    it’s Okay song & Music video Though it would be different something that NO one never done


  17. G.O.O.D Music

    The song cool I just cant take him serious danceing with them big ass Timberlands on his feet…


  18. octavia

    The video is great O still got it (the moves the boy can dance) and Ross the boss he’s looking great looks like he’s losing weight go miami love see somebody making from Florida cool keep doing your thing Ross!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. Say word

    This is dope! Im really feelin it


  20. Sha' Bell

    I love this song. I want to buy it now. I think it is going all the way!


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