M.I.A. Signs to Roc Nation Management


M.I.A. has always been a rock star, but now it’s official. The “Paper Planes” rapper has inked a management deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

The announcement was made today on Roc Nation’s website. She joins a roster that includes Rihanna, Wale, Shakira, Santigold, Ester Dean, Meek Mill, and Melanie Fiona.

Rihanna welcomed her to the family, tweeting, “welcome home MIA.”

M.I.A.’s fourth album Matangi is due this fall on Interscope Records. She is also readying a remix to her single “Bad Girls” featuring Missy Elliott, Azealia Banks, and Rye Rye.

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  1. Khalilology_603

    I LOVE her forever & ever, this BAD GIRLS remix needs to DROP! ALLL of them featured guess follow me on twitter EXCEPT M.I.A.


  2. DRB

    I need some success stories to come out of the ROC


    YMCMB Reply:

    @DRB, i seconds that, rihanna doesnt count shes already a hit, shakira is old no one pays attention to her, santigold is underated. and the rest reminds me of mike jones. who is mike jones?


  3. truth

    ok jay’s not playing: m.i.a., rihanna, j cole, rita ora, meek mill, shakira, wale, melonie fiona, jay electronica, santigold

    that’s a tough team that covers every genre.


  4. #RihannaNAVi

    Whoop Whoop!!


  5. chris

    Not good.


  6. TopShelf

    bad move for m.i.a


    Nina Reply:

    @TopShelf, Hate to say it, but I agree.


    INCAS Reply:

    @Nina, Agree completely. I swear when santogold/santigold came out, her style had similarities to MIA. I reckon MIA will get success out of this anyhow. I’m just looking forward to Matangi


    Righteous Reply:

    @INCAS, That “style”they had in common was Diplo.Unfortunately,without him she’s just a provocateur saying nothing -shame!


    INCAS Reply:

    @Righteous, were MIA and diplo a couple?


  7. Replay

    Overrated bitch who sounds like shit…


  8. ced

    love mia..congrants


  9. hate revolver

    I prefer M.I.A. than Iggy Azealia. I’m a big Nas fan and stil think he’s a better rapper than Jay Z, but you gotta respect Jay Z business moves. He’s really pimping this game.


  10. Billionaire

    Yay M.I.A. & RiRi under the same management can someone say #Danger! Bad girls do it well!


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  12. MIA Stan

    I really hope this works out for her. I’m loving the 3 songs from matangi so far. fuck diplo he produce like 3 songs for mia but every keeps giving him credit wtf


  13. Luvee Nayvr

    Congrationz for her & let see what she got in the store oop I meant on her album


  14. TheDreamer

    Congrats! Jay’s doing pretty well.


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  18. davidjohn83

    its official now, shes sold ou


    Ericka Reply:

    I agree… “music” is all about capitalizing and not art it seems. Alot of artists I used to like are selling their souls for the riches. I understand that artists shouldn’t starve, but anything having to do with Jay-Z is evil and corrupt.


  19. Ericka

    Wow, I used to love M.I.A and Santogold… guess they sold their souls to ROC Nation, sad…


  20. I hate mia

    I hate mia. She just wants to be black. Im glad to see others hate her too. And now she had a baby? God, crime willincrease for sure!


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