Tyga and Honey Cocaine Freestyle on ‘Tim Westwood’

Tyga and Honey Cocaine

During his trip overseas for his “Careless World” tour, Tyga made the routine visit to Tim Westwood’s BBC Radio 1Xtra. The Young Money MC spit a freestyle over Wizkid’s “Don’t Dull” and Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin’.” His protégée Honey Cocaine also stepped to the mic, rapping lyrics from her song “Thug Life.”

Did they roc the mic right? Weigh in below.

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  1. BOMB

    sHes SOunDs lIke A 13 Yr Old


    Luvee Nayvr Reply:

    @BOMB, let see you rap & see how you like it



    wizkid is from nigeria. nigeria, africa stand the fuck up


  3. Mentamir

    I think Tyga is an all right rapper, he can be quite lyrical when he wants to, but Honey Cocaine… She’s not bad. But she’s just so corny. She is one of those artists who act like they’re hot shit and fresh, but they just repeat what the next emcee has said. “Bitch, I’m the shit, I was made to poo”-type lyrics don’t cut it. Give me some flow and some well thought-out lyrics. Not something that you wrote in 30 minutes. Put in work. She is pretty, though.


    Cali Kid Reply:

    @Mentamir, I agree I want to like her.. But she is just very corny. Like very


  4. WonderLand19

    Love love love Tyga. U should have seen the line outside the concert yesterday, WOW! London love Tyga.Wished i’d gone :(

    Tyga could have gone harder but i respect that it was off the top of his head. Not pre-planned.
    Honey Cocaine should have freestyled not spit lyrics from her own song. She really does need to work on her lyrics.


  5. DrakeTakeCare

    @mentamir hell yeah f right!


  6. DrakeTakeCare

    wanna f her though hahah



    Can I Say… FAIL. She SOUND Like A Fcking 8 Year Old. Her Voice Needs Some Maturing .


  8. Chet

    Tyga’s become one of my favs lately. Dunno how that happened. And that Honey Cocaine chick got flow. I listened to some of her other stuff with Tyga.


    Mentamir Reply:

    @Chet, on what tracks did she have flow? Serious question. I don’t listen to her music, because I feel like she lacks flow.


  9. Luvee Nayvr

    both of them sound alright and I know damn well honey Cocaine can do better


  10. André

    Tyga is dope wen it coms 2 freestyles. And dat chick nids tym!


  11. jazzerina

    honey’s rapping was so wack. very corny. and she really does sound like a 6 year old.


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