Video: Chris Brown – ‘Mercy (Freestyle)’

Chris Brown

Chris Brown drops a viral video for his freestyle to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music single “Mercy.” Breezy stays swagged out in a fur hat and flip-up glasses as he busts some rhymes in the artsy clip. Swerve!

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  1. Ahh

    Fine as helllllllllllllllll.


  2. Josh

    This is dope.


  3. S.M.W

    Chris Looking Too Sexy!!! Love The Freestyle Tho!! #TeamBreezy



    da hora .


  5. BOA BOA... ROCK



    .... Reply:

    @BOA BOA… ROCK, Funny because while you think he need to go home, you need to go find a life. He does this for fun. He’s living life. SHADE.


    Luvee Nayvr Reply:

    @BOA BOA… ROCK, somebody need to knock your dumb ass down


  6. Speechless

    he confuses me


  7. [NEW VIDEO] Chris Brown – MERCY (Freestyle) |

    [...] SOURCE [...]

  8. Pusha T

    That was cool Breezy , but still i prefer the original Mercy by Good Music, now please go back and work on your album that you push it back on june.


  9. Luvee Nayvr

    Nice color video


  10. Lola

    I mean…what the fuck. This rapping shit is starting to get out of hand. One song was ok…two songs we gave you a pass but now…. please STOP. I’m serious and I dont want to have to say it again.


    White Boy Reply:

    @Lola, Jesus Christ, shut up and let the man live his life how HE wants to. You worry about yours.


    Jake Reply:

    @Lola, You do know he actually wanted to start his career as a “rapper.” Thank God somebody talked some sense into him.


  11. TheDreamer

    Aswesome. But I wanna hear some good new music.


  12. Stre3t Danc@

    The video is awesome for a freestyle!! Love Mercy! I’m glad he chose to do a video for it instead of Theraflu!!


  13. chantel

    He didn’t do this to compete with the original!! So stop comparing em! It’s JUST a freestyle!! A GOOD one at that! “Wen ppl say “he’s not a rapper” of course I’m not! I’m an entertainer! I do so many different variables of music Rap, dance,singing. That’s what I live to do, entertain”


  14. White Boy

    I’m sick of the obligatory “OMG PLZ STOP RAPPING” comments on every single one of CB’s rap videos. You may not like his flow or his lyrics but they are better than half the garbage in the game right now. If you’re not feeling his music then his music wasn’t made for you, and he’s not going to stop doing what he wants to do because someone with bad taste in music doesn’t like the stuff he puts out.


    Hank Reply:

    @White Boy, You’re obviously his publicist.


  15. me

    FIRST OFF…He is an artist. He loves all kinds of music. He is having fun. And I personally think he did a better job at rapping than half these slow n*ggas thats rapping now. Chris is VERY CREATIVE, and he his coming HARD with everything he did since he was beat down by the media these last few years….LET HIM DO HIM!


    HR Reply:

    @me, Beat down by the media? Okay.


    me Reply:

    @HR, I didn’t say he didn’t deserve what he did to himself…fallback


    Really, though? Reply:

    @me, That’s right, he was…and did absolutely nothing to warrant a media assault.


  16. #RihannaNAVi

    If he wants to remix this song and make his version sound like total shit compared to the original then LET HIM!


  17. Jake

    2Chainz, Chris & Nicki have been dominating this site lately. Goddamn, I type their names in the search bar instead of “rap-up” half the time.


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