Pitbull Shakes Up ‘Today’ Summer Concert Series


Pitbull aka Mr. 305 brought the party to the 212 with his hip-shaking performance on the “Today” Toyota Concert Series on Friday. The Miami rapper, who is currently traveling the globe on a world tour, rocked New York’s Rockefeller Plaza with his international hits including “Give Me Everything,” “I Know You Want Me,” “International Love,” and “Back in Time” off the Men in Black III soundtrack. Take a trip to Planet Pit.

Photo credit: Splash News

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  1. I love Pitbull

    Pitbull is the champ of the people!

    People are witnessing raw talent, this type of talent is one in the million..

    back in time moved to #5 on itunes, buy it so it makes the #1♥


  2. Sharp Tongue

    Yay for Pitbull I love him and them pants lol.


  3. MIMYE cahnecli

    wonderful outfit & live performance


  4. Mc Drewski

    wtf singing give me something its give me everything what a dumb ass on live tv


    .Sneakier Lover browie Reply:

    @Mc Drewski, u mean your mom didn’t teach u to say something Postive dumbass bitch


  5. .Sneakier Lover browie



  6. shhh Navry24 lop Candaxc



  7. Loco

    Hola gracias por el apotre son los mejores pero podrian subir este gran espectaculo en formato vob o avi es que esta en flv mkv y tengo un programa para convertir los formatos flv en vob pero cuando trato de hacerlo no me lo quiere reconocer. Se los agradeceria mucho Gracias


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